Pregnant JWOWW Shares Third Sonogram Photo — See the Amazing Pic!
Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images    

Jenni "JWOWW" Farley

Pregnant JWOWW Shares Third Sonogram Photo — See the Amazing Pic!

JWOWW is expecting her first daughter with her fiancé Roger Mathews. How she's feeling about three months before her due date? "Pregnancy and me don’t mix," she writes on her blog.

The former Jersey Shore star may not be having the easiest time during her pregnancy, but she still seems super excited and is sharing adorable sonogram photos with her fans. JWOWW posted an ultrasound photo when she and Roger first announced that they were expecting around the holidays. What an exciting gift from Santa! As for the second pic? JWOWW shared that one in March, which showed her baby being "dramatic" with her hand on her forehead. “OMG! How adorable is this new ultrasound picture of my baby with her hand on her head being overdramatic!??? OBSESSED with her!!!" JWOWW wrote.

Now, Jenni is sharing a super clear pic from a recent sonogram. We can really make out the baby's adorable and tiny features in this one! Technology is pretty crazy, eh?

But as JWOWW candidly shared, the pregnancy has not been all pickles and ice cream. The TV star had a medical scare in which the doctor found a small cyst on the baby's brain. The specialist also told JWOWW that she had to be cautious because of her low lying placenta. Thankfully, JWOWW had a recent checkup, and the baby's cyst went away, and her placenta is higher now.

This sounds really stressful and scary, and we're happy JWOWW, the baby, and Roger are being strong and getting checkups!

Check out the most recent sonogram photos of JWOWW's baby on her blog. Isn't it adorable? Sound off in the comments.