Pregnant Kate Middleton: Dog-Emergency Narrowly Avoided at Family Estate


Pregnant Kate Middleton: Dog-Emergency Narrowly Avoided at Family Estate

Being a pampered pooch has its perks!

When a dog got its head stuck in the bars of the $3 million Middleton family estate, possibly Kate Middleton's cocker spaniel, Lupo, firefighters and animal rescue services rushed to the scene. They had apparently received a call seeking emergency assistance.

A photographer at the scene told E! that around 5 p.m. GMT, he heard someone shouting for a dog, and it sounded kind of like "Lupo." Then he heard screaming. "It was very loud," he said. "At one point, the screaming calmed down, then suddenly got worse."

He says that a single fire truck arrived on the scene to provide assistance.

The Telegraph confirms that Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue responded to the emergency call, but says that when emergency vehicles arrived, the dog had been freed. They could not confirm whether or not dogmergency was over Ludo or not, although later the Telegraph confirmed it was a different dog.

"Our crew got to the manor but were told as they arrived at the gates that the dog, which had got its head stuck, had been freed just a few moments earlier so their services were not needed," a spokesperson for Berkshire's emergency services told the Telegraph. "The animal rescue unit was stood down before it reached Bucklebury and the appliance returned home."

Kate was not present at the family estate at the time, as she and Prince William had left for London earlier that day. Whether they're destined for Kensington Palace or St. Mary's Hospital is unclear. (But we are DYING to know!)

Regardless, the birth will be that much less stress-free knowing a family pet is a-ok.

Was this maybe too drastic of a response to a dog getting its head stuck in a gate? Is everyone just on edge in preparation for the Royal Baby? It does seem a little #firstworlddogproblems: getting your head stuck in a fence surrounding a million-dollar fence.

Source: E!, The Telegraph

07.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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