Pregnant Kendra Wilkinson Talks Second Baby Sickness and Cravings, Not Sure of Due Date
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Pregnant Kendra Wilkinson Talks Second Baby Sickness and Cravings, Not Sure of Due Date

The second baby is a piece of cake, right? Well, not really.

Kendra Wilkinson and her husband, Hank Baskett are expecting their second child, a younger bro or sis (they don't know yet) for nearly 4-year-old Hank Jr.

Kendra told People she’s been suffering from “all-day” sickness that hits her even more at night than in the morning. But she has learned a few things from the first time. “It’s those little tricks like being in the cold … and I’ve been pushing myself to go outside every day and take a big hike. The fresh air has really been helping me.”

She gained a little over 60 pounds in her first pregnancy, and she’s trying to stay active and healthy this time. But she still has major food cravings, as her husband Hank knows a little too well.

“He’s the one who has to deal with my symptoms and hear my problems,” Kendra said. “I already have cravings and they’re very specific. As he’s getting into bed, I’m like, ‘I need food!’ – usually cheese. Every night this happens, and if he brings up yellow cheese and not white cheese … Oh my God, go back downstairs. He’s having to pay the price.”

Other than that, she’s much more laid-back about Baby #2. “The first time around, I was like ‘How many months am I? What day am I at?’” she told People. “This time, I don’t even know [exactly] when this baby is due! I have about two more weeks, maybe three [until I'm in my second trimester].”

Read Kendra’s full interview for more, and stay tuned for potential baby gender news. As long as he or she is healthy, that’s all they really care about.

Source: People

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