Pregnant Kim Kardashian Finally Reveals The Sex of Her Baby! (VIDEO)
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Pregnant Kim Kardashian Finally Reveals The Sex of Her Baby! (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian said she would wait until the right time to reveal the sex of her baby. We suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that “the right time” is the eighth season premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Like, duh. So it’s official! Kim and Kanye are having a girl.

Us Weekly reported in February that Kim was baking a baby girl, and we’ve long suspected they were right — even when Kim and her family have done their best to throw us off the trail!

Kim didn’t seem all that excited about her first ultrasound in the episode, but let’s face it — she had a lot going on back in February. Most notably: A new house undergoing major renovation and her seemingly endless divorce from Kris Humphries.

But once her doctor revealed to Kim (along with her sisters and mom) that she’s having a girl, it would seem that all the stress just fell away and Kim was able to concentrate on what’s really important: Her life with Kanye and their baby together!

Just as Kourtney predicted, once Kim knew the sex of her baby, a switch in her head flipped and it all became real. Kim’s having a little girl, which is just what both she and Kanye wanted.

What’s a divorce or a little home improvement compared to the miracle of life, right?