Celebrity Pregnancy

Pregnant Mila Kunis Steps Out With Big Baby Bump (VIDEO)

If there’s one celebrity baby shower we wish we could score an invite to, it’s Mila Kunis’. Just think about it. Fun-loving Mila, all her cool friends, plus a chance to see Ashton Kutcher in the flesh? Sign us up!

While we patiently wait for the e-vite, let us gaze upon Ms. Mila in all of her pregnant perfection. She and her That '70s Show love haven’t announced a specific due date for their little one (because, you know, privacy) but we expect the stork’s delivery in the late summer or early fall, which is to say within the next month or so! Judging from the size of ye olde baby bump, we’re not too far off!

Recently, Mila was spotted out and about in denim cutoffs, a black tank, and plaid shirt with the perfect accessory: her giant engagement ring. Oh, and her baby bump! See for yourself in the video above.

Back home, she and Ashton are supposedly deep into the nesting phase, as they get ready for their little one’s arrival. We’ve heard it’s a girl, but knowing these parents, we’re expecting a non-traditional (read: not pink) palette for the baby’s room. Maybe some psychedelic tie-dye and a lava lamp or two?