Pregnant Ashley Hebert Needs to Lose Weight, According to WHOM?
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Ashley Hebert

Pregnant Ashley Hebert Needs to Lose Weight, According to WHOM?

Season 7 Bachelorette Ashley Hebert has always had the perfect body. And now that she is expecting a baby with hubby J.P. Rosenbaum, she pretty much gets to eat whatever she wants. (That’s the main reason to get pregnant, right?) However, Ashley has shockingly just been told that she should lose weight — so who’s the total idiot misinformed individual who told her that?

Ash tweeted on April 3 that she took “an online health assessment” that revealed she should change three aspects of her life to improve her health. And the three areas of improvement are, as she writes, “1. physical activity 2. WEIGHT 3. Stress.” She hilariously ends the tweet with, “#fatty.”

If Ashley’s a “fatty,” we’d hate to think how this health site would describe the rest of us. In fact, it’s really impossible to see how Ash could possibly need to lose weight, given that her years of dancing including captaining her dance team in college have given her quite the enviable physique. Perhaps the site meant to say that she needs to gain weight?

Of course, we think Ashley is wise to just laugh off this health site’s suggestion, which she seems to be doing with her comical hashtag. Plus, we’re guessing the site didn’t realize that she’s got that bun cupcake in the oven. If you ask us, the only thing Ashley needs to focus on now is lying around with her feet up while everyone else caters to her every whim. Now that is the main reason to get pregnant.

Are you as shocked as we are that Ashley was told to lose weight?

Source: Ashley on Twitter