Pregnant Savannah Guthrie Is in Love With WHAT?!
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Pregnant Savannah Guthrie Is in Love With WHAT?!

Pregnant women are allowed to have their unconventional cravings. Watermelon, salt, dirt. Whatever your flavor, you’re bringing a new life into the world so you get a pass. But Today Show host, Savannah Guthrie? Even we were surprised at what she’s fallen in love with during her pregnancy.

Before we reveal Savannah’s little secret, let us clue you in on a bigger one: Very few people knew that she was expecting until just a couple of weeks ago. The 42-year-old anchor made her big reveal to the nation the morning of March 17 and didn’t stop with the news she’s going to be a mom. Savannah went big and announced she’s newly married, too!

She wed 45-year-old Washington, D.C., communications strategist Michael Feldman in a top secret ceremony on Saturday, March 15. The couple used the reception to tell their family and friends the same news Savannah would share Monday morning at work: She’s four months along!

Now officially in the midst of her second trimester, Savannah is reveling in her mama-to-be status. On April 3, she clued her Twitter followers in on a part of pregnancy she’s really loving: the fashion!

If I could, I would write a love song to maternity jeans. #maternityjeans #stretchyfabric #joy #oxygen,” she tweeted.

And Savannah, if we could write a love song to how much we love that tweet, we would.

Source: Savannah Guthrie on Twitter

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