When Is Pregnant Scarlett Johansson Due?
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When Is Pregnant Scarlett Johansson Due?

With reports rolling in from the likes of E! and People, Scarlett Johansson's first pregnancy with fiance Romain Dauric is all but confirmed — and the Internet is all a-twitter with various juicy details. Of course, there's a reason we're all excited: There's gonna be a mini-ScarJo! So of course, we want to know when the little, husky-voiced bundle of joy is arriving.

With her pregnancy not yet confirmed by her reps, it's hard to know exactly when ScarJo is due. But a report by TMZ has Scarlett at 5 months along already, putting her due date in late Summer 2014. Eee!

Of course, while it's entirely possible Scarlett has a stealthy Kate Middleton-style bump, she doesn't look too pregnant… and TMZ's source could be mistaken. If news actually leaked when Scarlett was just a month or two along, that pushes her due date to November or December.

Scarlett and her hunky beau Romain met through their mutual friend, tattoo artist Fuzi. The pair announced their engagement in early September 2013, although Scarlett said a wedding is "far off [her] mind" back in January. Could the reason be a lil baby on the way, perhaps?!

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