Pregnant Jenelle Evans Still Suffering From Morning Sickness
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram    

Jenelle Evans

Pregnant Jenelle Evans Still Suffering From Morning Sickness

Clearly, our 24/7 prayer circle for Jenelle Evans is a huge failure. This Teen Mom 2 star is pregnant with her second child, and despite being well into her second trimester, she's still suffering from acute morning sickness! Say it ain't so.

Jenelle's had a pretty rough pregnancy full of stomach viruses, intestinal blockages, and nonstop vomiting, and the last thing she needs is morning sickness. This common pregnancy affliction usually eases up after the first trimester, so we're pretty surprised that Jenelle's still vomiting on a regular basis!

"I hate waking up to only feel nauseated ugh…" she tweeted on February 27, using the hashtag "#MorningSickness."

Luckily, Jenelle has a few tricks up her hoodie sleeves when it comes to battling her nausea. First of all, she has the constant support of her hunky baby daddy, MMA fighter Nathan Griffith, who always has his lady friend's back — through good times and bad! Second of all, Jenelle is is currently studying medicine, so she's basically a doctor as far as we're concerned. Surely she knows her way around the pharmacy and can find some encapsulated Alfredo dust to make herself feel better!

Do you know any remedies for poor Jenelle's stomach? Hit up her Twitter with some suggestions, y'all!