Kim Zolciak Shares New Picture From the Day the Twins Were Born (PHOTO)
Credit: Photo via Instagram    

Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak Shares New Picture From the Day the Twins Were Born (PHOTO)

We know we say this quite a bit, but we’re seriously in awe of Kim Zolciak. The mom of six welcomed twins Kane Ren and Kaia Rose less than two weeks ago, and she’s already back into her size four designer duds, something that her daughter Brielle can’t even believe.

Kim posted a picture of her humongous belly days before the babies made their grand entrance, but now that they are safe and sound at home the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared yet another photo of her big old belly just hours before the tykes were born.

Kim Instagrammed a photo of herself in her hospital room before she gave birth and wrote, “The day I delivered! I'll never forget walking into my hospital room and seeing 2 beds labeled ‘baby a’ and ‘baby b’ I will also never forget how HEAVY that belly was!! I can't believe the twins are already 12 days old!”

To us, this photo just proves that Kimmie really did look flawless during every minute of her pregnancy. Even though we’re sure she was pretty uncomfortable toting around that massive belly, the mama looked super stylish and relaxed in a black sundress and matching black booties. And don’t even get us started on that wig. Those cascading blond strands are the sign of a true glamour queen!

Are you surprised that Kim looked so flawless the day she welcomed her twins? Tell us your thoughts below!