Jenelle Evans Pregnant With Second Child — Report
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Pregnant With Second Child — Report

Congratulations may be in order for Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans! According to a new report from In Touch, the 21-year-old reality starlet is pregnant with her second child and the proud pops is current boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

It all started as a rumor this afternoon when a Teen Mom fanpage on Facebook wrote "Jenelle & her boyfriend Nathan are expecting a baby." In typical Jenelle fashion, she neither confirmed nor denied the news, but instead sent this cryptic tweet to her 800,000-plus followers: "Spread around my business, yeah I'm def going to delete and block u."

According to In Touch, Jenelle hasn't come clean because she's afraid of "backlash from the haters," but does plan to go through with the pregnancy.

This would technically be Jenelle's third pregnancy if you count her miscarriage earlier this year, which happened after estranged husband Courtland Rogers (who is currently in jail, by the way) allegedly assaulted her. The young mom's first pregnancy was documented on Season 2 of MTV's 16 and Pregnant, and that baby daddy, Andrew Lewis, hasn't been in the picture since. Four-year-old Jace still lives with his grandma, Barbara Evans, who has full custody of the preschooler.

If Jenelle really is pregnant with Nathan's baby, don't expect to hear wedding bells until after the new year. Remember, Jenelle is still technically married to Courtland, and North Carolina state law mandates that couples must be separated for at least one year before they can file divorce papers.

Either way — baby or no baby — we're just glad that Jenelle is happy, healthy, and sober.

Do you guys think Jenelle Evans is really pregnant with baby no. 2? Leave your theories in the comments below.

Source: In Touch