Ravenswood Premiere: Does [SPOILER] Die?
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Ravenswood Premiere: Does [SPOILER] Die?

Years ago, a car carrying a group of teenagers was struck by a tree the day after a soldier returned home, the sole survivor of his squad. Fast forward to present-day Ravenswood, and Remy's mom is home from the war, echoing the same sentiment: “Why did I survive when they all died?” Shortly after, Remy, Caleb, Miranda, Luke, and Olivia are driving toward a diner when they spot a mysterious, dark, cloaked figure in the road. Veering to avoid striking her (it?), the car goes flying over the embankment, into the water.

When we first saw this scene, we instantly thought that they would all die. And honestly, we’re still not sure they don’t. Sure, the promo for Season 1 Episode 2 shows that they end up in the hospital, and pictures show the same thing. So, they’re alive… at least, they’re still present in whatever life they live within Ravenswood. But someone is dead, and Caleb wants to know, “If you’re dead, how are you here?”

Uh, great question, pal, and definitely one we imagine him echoing several times throughout the haunting and bizarre series. But who is he talking to? From what we’ve seen of the promo photos, there’s someone distinctly missing: Miranda. And it looks like Caleb is in tears. Sure, he just met her, but is it possible she’s already died? Heck, going back to what we already said, maybe they all died, and are just, uh, what exactly?

We know that there’s something super weird going on with the water, and that it appears and disappears at will. In town lore, there was a flood so great, they had to “fish bodies out of trees,” so perhaps the water is thirsty for life. We know it sounds crazy, but maybe the river took some part of the five who crashed into the water — with Miranda losing even more of herself in the process.

What do you think is happening? Share your craziest theories below. We won’t judge.

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