Ravenswood Premiere Quotes: “This Wind Has Hands” and More!
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Ravenswood Premiere Quotes: “This Wind Has Hands” and More!

One of the things we've come to expect from Pretty Little Liars is snappy dialogue, so it comes as no surprise that its spin-off, Ravenswood also brings the banter. Hey, even the world's creepiest town needs some moments of levity to lighten the mood.

Between the murderous ghosts and the repeating curse, the premiere episode found time for all all sorts of quotable moments. We've picked our favorite quips for your enjoyment.

10. Raymond Collins: "I know every tombstone out there."

Sure, that's a normal thing to say.

9. Ms. Grunwald: "College girls can be very unstructured."

That's one word for it...

8. Miranda "This wind has hands!"

Welcome to Ravenswood, darling.

7. Remy: "When he coughs there's dust. It's like beating a rug."

We're pretty sure that's just true of the whole town.

6. Caleb, on Ms. Grunwald: "Every time she looks at me I feel like someone's taking a potato peeler to my skin."

Imagine how the sorority girls felt!

5. Caleb, to Miranda: "You get all your charm from your father's side of the family."

What? You didn't find Raymond a welcoming host? We're shocked.

4. Miranda: "OK, what is this, employee review?"

Yeah, confronting lost family members is totally like a job.

3. Caleb: "You know, I'm telling you some pretty weird stuff, and you're acting like I'm giving you the weather report."

We have a feeling he's going to get used to that.

2. Tess: "In two months Luke went from Mr. Popular to Lone Wolf Hermit Boy."

Well, calling him that isn't going to make him want to come back into the fold...

1. Miranda: "What do I have to do to get his attention, crawl into one of those boxes?"

That might work, actually...

What was your favorite Ravenswood quote? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next Ravenswood episode on Tuesday, October 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC!

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