Ravenswood Premiere Speculation: Who Is the Black Widow?
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Ravenswood Premiere Speculation: Who Is the Black Widow?

With the Ravenswood premiere still a month away, we are anxious to dissect every clue about the supernatural new series that comes our way. The official Ravenswood Twitter handle just dropped a hint about the town’s mysterious mythology. Who is the “Black Widow” and what importance will she play in the Pretty Little Liars spin-off? We speculate below.

“A #Ravenswood clue! What is #BlackWidow?” the official Ravenswood Twitter account tweeted on Thursday (September 26), along with a snapshot of a Ravenswood tombstone with the phrase “Black Widow” graffiti-ed across it in pink paint. Who or what might that refer to?

Well, there is, of course, the black widow spider, famous for some of its species’ rare acts of sexual cannibalism wherein the female spider eats the male spider after they mate. Yikes! Hopefully, there isn’t any sexual cannibalism going down in Ravenswood. We doubt it, though the graffiti could be a reference to some sort of matriarchal society. Mrs. Grunwald seems to have some control over the town of Ravenswood. Could the women of Ravenswood have the power, and possibly be using it for nefarious ends? If so, awesome. As long as they’re not eating anyone.

It’s important to remember context, and the “Black Widow” graffiti in the shot is scrawled across the tombstone of Rochelle Matheson. We know from an E!Online spoiler chat that Rochelle is main characters Olivia and Luke’s mother: “Prepare to meet Olivia and Luke's mother, Rochelle Matheson, a once confident woman who is now the main suspect in her husband's murder.” We’re beginning to understand the “Black Widow” reference. You can see in the picture that, while Rochelle’s tombstone is yet to have the dates of birth and death on it (meaning, it is a reserved, but empty grave), the attaching tombstone has an occupant. We are guessing that tombstone belongs to Rochelle’s husband, who she is apparently accused of murdering (a la a black widow spider).

Did Rochelle really kill her husband? Is this the sort of thing that happens often in the town of Ravenswood (and is it, potentially, part of the much-discussed curse)? We’ll have to wait to find out, but we’re digging this “Black Widow” clue because it tells us something about the town of Ravenswood: it seems to have already found Rochelle guilty of the crime. We have to admit, this storyline, and how Olivia and Luke will deal with the death of their father and the accusal of their mother has great dramatic potential...

Do you think the “Black Widow” graffiti has any meaning past what we’ve already discussed? Share your theories in the comments below!

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