Which Pretty Little Liar Has The Worst Sibling in Rosewood?
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Pretty Little Liars

Which Pretty Little Liar Has The Worst Sibling in Rosewood?

In the world of Pretty Little Liars, our Liars can rarely depend on anyone but one another -- and that includes their own families. We love many of the Rosewood parentals, but we have to admit that the Liars don’t have the best of luck when it comes to siblings. In fact, the Liars have some pretty terrible brothers and sisters. Which Liar has it the worst when it comes to siblings?

Aria (Brother, Mike)

Which Pretty Little Liar Has The Worst Sibling in Rosewood?
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It’s hard to completely judge Aria’s younger brother, Mike Montgomery, because he disappears for seasons at a time. But, when he is around, Mike doesn’t seem to do much besides cause trouble. In Season 2, Mike’s was breaking into neighbors’ houses and inadvertently injuring both Aria and her mom. We think Mike’s heart is in the right place, but he doesn’t seem to think about the consequences of his actions and who he is hurting along the way. And with friends like Noel Kahn, how can Aria trust Mike when it comes to the secret of “A”? Mike has had his moments of good brothership (i.e. when he punched Ezra so his father wouldn’t) and he is set to return in tonight’s episode (Season 4, Episode 5: “Gamma Zeta Die”), so we’re willing to hold out judgement on Mike Montgomery before deeming him Rosewood’s Worst Sibling.

Spencer (Sister, Melissa)

Which Pretty Little Liar Has The Worst Sibling in Rosewood?
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Melissa Hastings has been a terrible big sister to Spencer since the beginning when she swooped in and stole the carriage house Spence had been fixing up all summer for herself and her British fiance. Things have only gone downhill in the Melissa/Spencer relationship since then, with Spence and the other Liars seriously considering the possibility that Melissa is “A.” If that is the case, we would definitely deem Melissa Rosewood’s Worst Sibling, but we’re not entirely convinced. In fact, we kind of believe Melissa when she says she has been trying to protect her younger sister from the beginning. Don’t get us wrong: Melissa is still a raging witch when it comes to how she treats Spence, but we think she has her back.

Spencer (Half-brother, Jason)

Which Pretty Little Liar Has The Worst Sibling in Rosewood?
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As for Spence’s other sibling, half-brother Jason DiLaurentis, we’re not sure what to think. These two haven’t known for very long that they are related, and don’t have the traditional sister/brother relationship. Still, we like that they’ve started to forge some kind of relationship, helping each other out when they can. On the other hand, Jason is much too secretive to completely trust. While we’re relatively sure Melissa would put her sister before most else, Jason seems so obsessed with finding Ali’s killer, that he might sacrifice Spence in the pursuit - especially if he believes she or her friends had something to do with it. Only time will tell if Jason is a good sibling or a terrible one.

Hanna (Stepsister, Kate)

Which Pretty Little Liar Has The Worst Sibling in Rosewood?
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Hanna’s stepsister Kate Randall is the worst. We know that Hanna hasn’t been the easiest step-sibling to deal with, but she has at least made an effort to get along with her new stepsister. Kate, on the other hand, got Hanna drunk in front of their new family and framed Hanna for bullying Kate with a mass text. While the other siblings on this list have at least shown some affection for their Liar sibling, Kate has actively gone out of her way to make Hanna’s life worse. We’re willing to give some Rosewood siblings a pass if they have good intentions towards their Liar, but Kate has never demonstrated anything but malice for her new stepsister. This is why we’ve named her Rosewood’s Worst Sibling.

Do you agree with our choice for Rosewood’s Worst Sibling? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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