Alison DiLaurentis\' 11 Best \'Pretty Little Liars\' Moments Ever
Ali on Pretty Little Liars Season 6, Episode 8
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Pretty Little Liars

Alison DiLaurentis’ 11 Best ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Moments Ever


On tonight's Pretty Little Liars Season 6 summer finale, we'll finally learn "A"'s identity and motivation. While this is a huge moment for the Liars, it's arguably even bigger for Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse). After all, the big bad is her long lost brother, and she's the one he's most obsessed with.

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In turns manipulative and moving, cruel and loveable, Ali has always been one of the most fascinating characters on the show. We're hoping the big "A" reveal — not to mention the upcoming time jump — will let us see yet another side of the girl who started it all. Until then, we're taking a look back at Ali's best moments from all six seasons.

Dreaming of Paris With Emily

Introducing Vivian Darkbloom

It's Immortality, My Darlings

Fighting Spencer

Keeping Her Secret From Jenna

Visiting Hanna in the Hospital

Saving Emily From the Barn

Rescuing the Liars From the Fire

She's Back!

Fighting Mona

Using Herself as Bait for Charles