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Alison in Her Prom Dress on Pretty Little Liars Season 6, Episode 9
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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Time Jump: Alison’s Fate Will “Shock” Fans


We still know very little about what the Pretty Little Liars’ lives will look like following the five-year time jump. We have seen the sneak peek photo. We know that there will be two new dudes in the Liars’ lives. And we know that the gang will be embarking on a "new troubling adventure” when Ali (Sasha Pieterse) asks them to return to Rosewood. Now, we also have some details about what Alison’s post-jump life will look like.

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Here’s what Sasha told TV Line about her character’s fate.

“It was the opposite of what I thought would happen to her,” Sasha dished. “It made sense once the writers explained the storyline for Alison ... So the fans are going to be shocked, but at the same time, they’ll appreciate it. Alison had such a weird childhood, and you’ll see more of that as you get answers in the finale. She wants normality, which she gets, but in a way you wouldn’t expect. The location is not where you’d expect her to be.”

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Interesting. Janel Parrish (Mona) teased that the Liars would return to Rosewood per Ali’s request. We assumed this meant that Ali had settled in Rosewood, but perhaps not. Though, it would surprise us for Ali to stay in the town that has caused so much pain and misery. Is this the surprising part of Ali’s tease?

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As for the “normality,” could Ali be married with kids, a dog, and the white picket fence? It’s kind of hard to imagine, but, then again, somehow not. After all, Ali grew up in a household that was trying so hard to maintain a perfect vision of an American family. It’s not so farfetched to imagine Ali trying her best to do what her mother could not: create a loving family.

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