Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Do Hanna and Wren Get Together on Season 3, Episode 8?
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Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Do Hanna and Wren Get Together on Season 3, Episode 8?

In the newly released Canadian promo of Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 8: “Stolen Kisses, we are given the briefest glimpse of what clearly seems to be Hanna (Ashley Benson) locking lips with Wren (Julian Morris). Han and Rosewood's hottest doc have definitely been bonding this season, so we're not exactly shocked at this turn of events.

Does this kiss mean there's a new couple in town? PLL writer Joseph Dougherty weighed in on the issue, and it turns out the kiss might not be as straightforward as it seems.

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When asked about that Wrenna kiss, Joseph commented, "Context is everything. A promo is a promo is a promo," adding, "It's clearly a provocative image, that's how it ended up in the promo." That suggests to us that the kiss isn't exactly what it seems to be. That makes sense — after all, a super short flash of a scene hardly tells the whole story.

Joseph also had a lot of encouraging words for Haleb shippers, noting that Hanna is "so not over" Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). He also said that he "wouldn't exactly call [Wrenna] a relationship."

So why does Hanna kiss Wren? When asked for a Haleb spoiler, Joseph tweeted, "Hanna and Caleb: 'By any means necessary.'" He also noted that "Mona's [Janel Parrish] in the middle" of whatever relationship does exist between Wren and Hanna.

Since we know Mona may be moved out of Radley this week, these tweets make us wonder if Hanna kisses Wren to convince him to help her keep Mona in Rosewood — or maybe he does help, and she kisses him because she's so grateful, but not because she has deep feelings for him.

Whatever the story behind the kiss, Joseph teased that there's "more than hope" for Haleb, so we have a feeling that Wren is not going to replace Caleb in Hanna's heart anytime soon.

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