\'Pretty Little Liars\' Star Vanessa Ray Hints at Charlotte\'s Return in Season 7
Vanessa Ray
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Pretty Little Liars

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Vanessa Ray Hints at Charlotte’s Return in Season 7


It seems the only way to ensure someone is really dead on Pretty Little Liars is to see their head rolling on the floor. (And even then we're not so sure!)

At least that's what Vanessa Ray appears to be telegraphing, as she hints we may not have seen the end of her character, CeCe Drake/Charlotte DiLaurentis.

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“I have been keeping up with the show, and you might see my face soon," she teased in an interview with Us Weekly.

"I love getting to be around that crew and the lovely cast," she added.

Well, we guess it wouldn't be the first time a DiLaurentis came back from the dead.

Then again, Charlotte doesn't necessarily have to be alive for her to make a reappearance on the show. She could always return in a flashback or a dream.

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A.D.'s talent for crafting incredibly life-like masks of dead people — like Officer Darren Wilden — adds another slightly more plausible way to bring Vanessa back to the show. And we say slightly because we're still rolling our eyes at that plot device.

While she's not shedding any light on how her character might return, the Blue Bloods actress does have some theories about the identity of the series' ultimate villain — one we've even considered ourselves!

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"I think it’s going to be Aria," she predicts.

"I think like early in the early days, she just kind of had the most to lose," the 35-year-old reasons.  

"She was hurt the most by the antics that 'A' put her through, so that’s why I think she might be the one that’s coming back to get them all.”

We're not so sure about that after the midseason finale, but it could make for a gripping conclusion!

Pretty Little Liars returns in April 2017 to Freeform.

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