Freeform’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Clues About “A.D.” May Be a Total Misdirect

Pretty Little Liars

Freeform’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Clues About “A.D.” May Be a Total Misdirect


We have our grabby hands out for any hints about the identity of “A.D.,” and so when Freeform recently dropped Pretty Little Liars clues about the big bad, we were all ears.

However, after digging into the network’s clues, we’re just not so sure we believe them. After all, the show doesn’t want to give us too much information before the big reveal, right?

Let’s investigate.

First of all, we can talk about the first three clues revealed on the network's website:

  1. It’s not Jenna.
  2. And it doesn't seem like it's Sydney either.
  3. "A.D" is extremely tech-savvy.

It’s hard to argue with these. First, Jenna seemed to be kidnapped by whomever “Uber A” is.

Second, Sydney already revealed herself to be a minion, and if Marlene then also made her “A.D.” it would be a bit of a letdown.

And finally, third, we already have said “Uber A” must have some tech skills (or have a minion that has tech skills) to pull off that insane killer Jumanji board game.

The last clue also seems fairly reasonable, though it can easily disintegrate under some theories: “They have a strong connection to Charlotte.”

We could argue that yes, “A.D.” is looking for Charlotte’s killer and loved her. But you could just as easily argue, as some people have, that Charlotte is alive and was running away from “A.D.” herself.

Or, remember what Marlene King said: She planned Mona as “A” and the final “Uber A” since the beginning, but Charlotte’s “A” reveal was something developed as the show went on.

It’s just as possible Charlotte is a red herring and “Uber A” doesn’t have much to do with her at all.

As for the remaining two clues, let’s just say they seem a little shady.

Here’s No. 4: “A.D. seems to care about some of the Liars.”

Hmm… care about? Emotionally manipulate? Sure. Put in real-life danger? Often. Reward with something positive like a letter from your birth mother? Sure, that one time, OK.

Freeform sees it a little differently.

“We never thought we'd say this, but A.D. almost seems to be helping the Liars. As a reward for visiting Toby (which wasn't even a difficult turn), Spencer got more information about Mary Drake and then Emily was saved from that horrible student Addison!” the blog post says.

We desperately need to break this down because, huh?

Skipping to Emily, we’re pretty sure making her act like a complete lunatic at her place of work and threaten to blackmail a student wasn’t a gift from “A.D.”

Back to Spencer, we’d argue “A.D.” isn’t really “helping” her, either.

By making Spencer’s turn so easy, “Uber A” seems to be causing a rift between her and Hanna — when their relationship is already on shaky ground because of the Caleb drama — whose double turn ended up so awful.

Dividing and conquering the Liars, not helping, seems to be the goal here.

As for No. 5, Freeform says: “And they have a soft spot for Aria.”

First of all, don’t we all have a soft spot for Aria and her crazy fashions?

Second, the blog doesn’t go into any evidence about “Uber A” being gentle on Aria, though it’s a fairly common theory among Pretty Little Liars fans and one of the reasons everyone thought she was “A” herself.

Our real issue is with the conclusions Freeform draws from this clue:

“Who do we know who has a soft spot for Aria. Ezra? We did believe he was A once before, and even though it turned out he wasn't, he did make an excellent stalker. Does he want to split Aria up from the group to have her all to himself?”

Frankly, right now, Ezra is being meaner to Aria than “A.D.” is. And he’s already engaged to her, so if he wanted her all to himself, why not just ditch Nicole and get married already?

Do you really think Ezra is “Uber A”? What do you think of Freeform’s “clues”?

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.