This Deleted Haleb Scene on \'Pretty Little Liars\' Is the Sweetest (VIDEO)
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Pretty Little Liars

This Deleted Haleb Scene on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Is the Sweetest (VIDEO)


There's a common saying among writers and editors: you must murder your darlings.

It basically means you often have to trim away self-indulgent and precious material for the good of the whole.

That phrase is the only reason we can explain Marlene King allowing this Pretty Little Liars scene to end up on the cutting room floor. But as die-hard Haleb shippers, we cry foul!

Thankfully, the deleted clip has found its internet home where you can melt over it anytime you wish.

The video actually doesn't even include Caleb, but rather a heart-to-heart between Hanna and Ashley Marin, about whether or not the former is rushing into marriage.

Though Hanna points out she and the hacker have been in each other's lives since high school, Ashley presses on, hoping her only child isn't eloping for the wrong reasons.

If you've forgotten, the couple rushed their nuptials so Caleb wouldn't have to testify against his wife in court should she end up going down for Archer's death.

To reassure her mom, Hanna says something that will basically reduce you to a puddle of heart-eye emojis.

"Mom, I haven't made the best choices. I've made some pretty bad ones. But Caleb is not one of them. He's the one thing in this world that I'm sure of."

If Ashley has any more doubts, we're sure that last statement is the final nail in the coffin.

It explains why she is so game for making their Justice of the Peace ceremony as romantic as possible.

OK, so maybe this scene isn't 100 percent essential to the plot, but in our opinion there are too few perfect Haleb moments in this world.

Now excuse us while we watch it and the entire proposal and wedding scene on repeat for the rest of the day.