Pretty Little Liars Episode Titles for Second Half of Season 1
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Episode Titles for Second Half of Season 1

Secrets don’t stay hidden for long in Rosewood, which is why we know so much about the upcoming episodes that are coming back January 3rd! We’ve got the scoop on all the new titles and some major details about what will happen once the show returns. Get ready for even bigger scandals and suspense...

Episode 1.11: “Moments Later”
As the title suggests, Pretty Little Liars picks up just moments after Hanna is hit by a car. She’s rushed off in an ambulance and her friends are all frightened, particularly Aria who spots a familiar face. Take a look for yourself and watch this creepy sneak peak.

We also know that Hanna will be greeted in the hospital by none other than Alison. We have no clue why she’s there wearing a candy striper’s outfit, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Ian Harding hints that Hanna is alive and tells Entertainment Weekly that “They’re not wasting any time with some reveals and secrets and juiciness.” Sounds like it will be a strong start to the second half of the season.

Episode 1. 12: “Salt Meets Wound”
We have a feeling the title is referring to “A” adding salt to Hanna’s wound. But there’s no stopping “A,” so she or he is probably after the other girls as well.

Episode 1.13: “Know Your Frenemies”
Hmm... should the little liars be skeptical of each other? Or is there another person posing as their friend but is actually out to get them? Sounds like “A” is someone close to the girls because he or she knows all their secrets.

We’re even more curious after showrunner Marlene King tweeted: “random thoughts on new episodes. Don't watch #113 alone. You'll want an arm to squeeze. Or a friend to jump off the couch and scream with.”

Episode 1.14: “Be Careful What You Wish For”
Judging by the title and the details we’ve gathered, this episode sounds like it’s packed with drama…

For starters, a huge party will be taking place in Rosewood during this episode and apparently all residents will be attending. If everyone is there, that means “A” will be present and will probably use this opportunity to humiliate the little liars.

Ian Harding also reveals that there’s a big scene at the end of this episode in which we’ll find out whether Ezra still loves Aria or not, aka the moment we’ve all been waiting for. That means Alona Tal will be around and her and Aria will have to fight for Ezra.

Alona won’t be the only new character to appear; Tyler Blackburn will also be featured in this episode as a new character named Caleb. He’s the bad boy of Rosewood and this could be particularly problematic if he’s at a party with the whole town.

Episode 1.15: “If at First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again”
The little liars have to lie about the Jenna thing, plus their own secrets including Spencer’s stolen essay, Emily’s relationship with Maya and Aria’s relationship with Ezra. Sounds like they will be questioned in this episode, but will lying save them?

Episode 1.16: “Je Suis une Amie”
The title means "I am a friend," which is interesting because it’s hard to know who the little liars can trust. We know that Toby Cavanaugh is still around in this episode and that Spencer will be tutoring someone in French, but the rest is all a mystery.

Episode 1. 17: “The New Normal”
Nothing is normal in Rosewood, but it sounds like something major will have happened and in this episode, the little liars will move on with their lives, or at least try.

Episode 1.18: “The Badass Seed”

The little liars always attract trouble and this time isn’t any different. Any guesses who will be the “badass seed?" We’d say Toby or Caleb.

Episode 1.19: “A Person of Interest”
Could “a person of interest” be “A?” We hope so!

Also, Executive Producer Marlene King tweeted a huge clue: Ezra/Aria quote from #119. I just wrote it. "And you're wearing that dress because...?" "I wanted to hear you say wow."
Does that mean Aria and Ezra will be together? Sure sounds like it…

We now know all the titles, but are eager for the actual episodes. Keep waiting patiently PLL fans, only a little longer 'til the January 3rd premiere date. Win a chance to see the episode before it airs!

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