Pay No Attention to Jenna’s Braille ‘Endgame’ Papers on ‘Pretty Little Liars’
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Pretty Little Liars

Pay No Attention to Jenna’s Braille ‘Endgame’ Papers on ‘Pretty Little Liars’


In the ending “A” tag from Season 7, Episode 11 of Pretty Little Liars, Jenna is handed a binder written in Braille, presumably by “A.D” or a minion.

When she starts to read, she looks up and says, smiling, “Endgame.”

But Braille expert Rose Angelocci, PhD, is here to spill some disappointing news.

According to Rose, you can’t read the big plans “A.D.” has in Braille. In fact, it doesn’t even say “Endgame.”

So, what is Jenna reading?

The only words Rose could pull out from the pages were, “water vapor drop dempens” and “Solomon and others.”

Water vapor? Sigh.

This bummer conclusion is corroborated by a fan on Reddit named Shy Casey.

This fan says what Jenna is reading is a Science News article titled, ““Water Vapor Drop Dampens Temps: Global Warming Slowed by Decline in Upper Atmosphere’s [H.Sub.2]O.”

Um… so no, it’s probably not the grand “Endgame” plans “A.D.” has for the Liars.

Unless of course these plans include melting glaciers and climate change, which would be…. weird.

Fans hoping for clues to the identity of “A.D.” will have to look elsewhere for their sleuthing, sorry.