Pretty Little Liars’ Keegan Allen Talks About a Possible Spoby Sex Scene in Season 3
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Pretty Little Liars’ Keegan Allen Talks About a Possible Spoby Sex Scene in Season 3

Spoby fans, rejoice! Despite battling cops and evil stepsisters in Season 2, when Pretty Little Liars returns for Season 3 on June 5, star-crossed lovers Toby (Keegan Allen) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) will be stronger than ever. Wetpaint Entertainment has already told all about the couple’s upcoming shower scene, and now, star Keegan is giving fans the news they’ve been waiting for – that they’ll see happiness for Spoby! But will Toby and Spencer finally have sex or will PLL scribes tease us even more? Hottie Keegan gave us some answers on the new plots—and revealed his real life romantic tips!

Let’s not waste any time! Will Spoby fans be happy with the new season?
Keegan Allen: They will be happy. We come right back into it and they are going really strong. Although, obviously, nothing is perfect in Rosewood. Wrenches are being thrown left and right. But they are going to be really happy.

Hmm. Does that mean after three seasons, Spencer and Toby are finally going to have sex?
I don't know. We saw last season Ezra (Ian Harding) and Aria (Lucy Hale) break the bond. It is the coming of age story. So you never know what could happen.

How does Wren (Julian Morris) factor into their relationship?
Wren is an interesting character that factors into this love triangle between Spencer and Toby. I think he respects Spencer. He does show that, especially in the last season when he didn't take advantage of her when she was inebriated. He factors in a way where he might come back. That is another story I don't have an understanding of yet. But he is definitely still there. There are other things that are going to maybe challenge the relationship between Spencer and Toby, not just another love interest. It could be other things.

Pretty Little Liars’ Keegan Allen Talks About a Possible Spoby Sex Scene in Season 3
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Can Toby be trusted?
I think Toby could always be trusted. He is the only character that hadn't told a lie up to a certain point. The only time he ever lied was to Peter Hastings just so he could help Spencer out. I do think he is the most trustworthy character. I would trust him. There are times when he will do what is necessary for someone he loves, which I guess is kind of trustworthy.

What will be the biggest surprise for Toby this season?
The biggest surprise for Toby this season would be if he could sleuth with Spencer. With the girls, it is this really tight-knit group of the detectives. It would be really cool if he could come into that realm and see what the girls see.

Will we learn why he was pretending to be mad at Spencer?
We will start to see that. He has taken a full character arc and he continues to change as this series progresses. The writers have done a really great job of taking a character from the book series that originally died in the second book and turning him into a character that lives in Rosewood. He continues to learn and grow as a character as well.

Do you have a favorite scene on the show so far?
One was Season 2, Episode 11 when Spencer and Toby were making out in the truck. Not because I got to kiss Troian, which was a plus, but also because it was really beautifully shot and really interesting how they have taken this show and made it cinematic. There is another scene this season that I really liked shooting. It was really fun.

What is your best flirting tip in real life?
My best flirting tip is to always be confident with yourself. Don't try too hard. What is attractive is minimalism, so less is more.

How can girls crack the guy code?
Cracking the guy code? I am still trying to figure out the girl code and I know women are so much smarter than men so I have no answer for that. They will figure it out faster than I could!

Catch an all-new Pretty Little Liars when Season 3 premieres on Tuesday, June 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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