Ranking the Top Suspects for Mary Drake’s Other Child on \'Pretty Little Liars\'
Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Premiere: Mary Drake
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Pretty Little Liars

Ranking the Top Suspects for Mary Drake’s Other Child on ‘Pretty Little Liars’


The identity of Mary Drake’s child on Pretty Little Liars is quickly becoming the biggest mystery so far of Season 7. We already have key suspects for the Drake baby, but this unscientific scorecard ranking will show us who has the most evidence on his or her side.

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Noel Kahn

  • Noel Kahn’s file from Aunt Carol’s basement was destroyed. Does that mean there’s something in there he (or someone else) doesn’t want anyone to know about? +2 points

  • Noel is so often seen sipping a drink, and we know “A.D.” pours him or herself whiskey +1 point

  • Noel called the younger Dr. Cochran and seemed very angry, so he’s clearly investigating something about Mary Drake’s child +1 point

  • Back in Season 1, Noel wrote “I See You” on the back of Ezra’s car, and that same message popped up in Season 7, Episode 7 +1 point

I See You Aria Ezra
  • Noel seems to have been working with Jenna Marshall and Sara Harvey, and Sara told Emily that they were looking for the same thing, making it seem like Noel wouldn’t be the Liars’ antagonist, but their ally -1 point

  • The Liars already think he’s evil, so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise -2 points

Total: 2 points

Aria Montgomery

  • “You are small but you are mighty,” Spencer once told Aria. A lot has been made about Aria’s small stature, so when Dr. Cochran said that Mary Drake’s child was “underweight, but tenacious,” all eyes were on this Liar. +1 point

  • At Aunt Carol’s basement, Aria’s was the only Liar whose file was missing +1 point

  • The initials A.D. could stand for Aria Drake +1 point

  • Aria wasn’t there when someone wrote “I See You” on the Liars’ car at Aunt Carol’s house +1 point

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  • Byron, who has a history of cheating, would be visiting his brother at Radley the same time Mary Drake was staying there, so they could have met and had a relationship + 1 point

  • Eddie Lamb recognized Aria when she volunteered at Radley +1 point

  • Dr. Cochran was talking directly to Aria and Spencer about the importance of family, making it seem like the show was pointing us toward one of those two Liars. +1 point

Dr. Cochran PLL
  • The “Family” photo frame, showing a family of four, was only in Aria’s bedroom in the Dollhouse + 5 points

  • If Aria is Mary Drake’s daughter, she would be related to Jason, making THIS a major problem - 3 points

Jason DiLaurentis Aria
  • Though this scene sure did look like an awkward family dinner +1 point

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Aria Jason Alison

Total: 10 points

Spencer Hastings

Spencer Hastings
  • Mary Drake made sure to call out her caffeine addiction, just like Spencer +1 point

  • So many Pretty Little Liars shots are set up to make Spencer appear to be a Mary Drake lookalike +1 point

Mary Drake Spencer
  • Mary Drake told Spencer they had met before, but she wouldn’t remember. If Spencer was her child, she would have been taken away at birth. +1 point

  • It’s been strongly implied that Mary Drake had an affair with Peter Hastings, just like Jessica did. +1 point

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  • Spencer, like Aria’s point above, seemed to be the target of Dr. Cochran’s comment about family. +1 point

  • Mary Drake’s baby was called “tenacious,” a word that has been used to describe Spencer, Tumblr user PLL Detectives points out +1 point

Spencer Toby
  • Spencer has often been related to the name “Mary,” dressing up as Mary Queen of Scots and signing into The Lost Woods Resort as Mary Smith +1 point

  • Spencer has childhood memories that Melissa doesn’t have, making it seem like Spencer is remembering growing up with someone else, which Mary’s daughter would have done. +1 point

  • In the Dollhouse, Spencer felt a strong connection to “Charles,” who would be her sister +3 points 

Spencer Charles PLL
  • Veronica hated Jason because he was Peter’s child in an affair, but she loves Spencer, who if she’s Mary’s child, would also be the product of an affair. -1 point

  • Jessica has a seemingly irrational hatred of Spencer, but if she’s Mary Drake’s daughter, that hatred would make more sense +1 point

  • At the end of Season 7, Episode 8, Spencer is suspiciously perusing through a family photo album, and she sees pictures of herself and a blond girl. +5 points

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Spencer Photo Album