20 ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Unsolved Mysteries That Still Need Answers

Pretty Little Liars

20 ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Unsolved Mysteries That Still Need Answers


We’re hurtling toward the (possible) series finale in 2017, but there are still plenty of Pretty Little Liars mysteries we need solved.

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Rosewood is full of shady characters — in Pretty Little Liars Season 7 especially — and we have loads to learn about their backstories, their motivations, and what the heck they are up to now.

Plus, we may know Charlotte DiLaurentis, aka CeCe Drake, is “A,” but the game is still afoot under new (maybe!) leadership.

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These 21 unsolved mysteries still haunt us, and we need answers, Marlene King.


1. Who Is "A.D."?

Since the time jump, Pretty Little Liars has centered around who stole the “A” game from Charlotte — or, if she’s still alive, is she running it under a new code name?


2. Who Killed Charlotte?

Closely tied to the "A.D." mystery is who killed Charlotte? The Liars took a straw poll and decided it was Alison, but she’s definitely no longer suspect No. 1. There are a lot of shady Rosewood residents back in town, and all eyes are on them.


3. Who Killed Sara Harvey?

Charlotte’s right-hand woman Sara Harvey was killed in Jenna’s hotel room bathtub at The Radley.

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She was just fighting with Jenna Marshall, but Jenna seemed torn up at the loss of her new bestie, so who did it?

4. Why Was Sara Working with Charlotte in the First Place?

What made Sara run away from home? How did she end up in The Dollhouse? Was it Stockholm Syndrome that made her team up with her alleged captor, Charlotte? Why would she torment the Liars? What the heck is going on here?


5. What Ever Happened to the “A” Team?

Speaking of working with “A,” what became of the “A” team?

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Mona, Toby, Spencer, Melissa, Paige, and Lucas (in addition to others) were all once part of the anti-Alison squad, so are they still active? What made them disband?

6. Why Was Jenna So Scared of CeCe?

CeCe did turn out to be “A,” so it seems natural Jenna should be scared of her, but Shana told Spencer Jenna was afraid of CeCe back in Season 4. Does that mean Jenna knew she was “A” all along?

Also, if she was terrified of her, plus “A” left her to drown and blew up her house, why did Jenna decide to become Charlotte’s BFF in Welby?

mona A

7. What Did Mona Learn About Alison?

Right before we thought Mona was killed, but she was really just kidnapped and taken to the Dollhouse, she called Aria to tell her that she knew Alison was “A” and she can prove it. She claimed Alison lured Bethany Young to Rosewood: “Alison set her up. She was jealous, and she wanted Bethany dead.”

Alison wasn’t “A,” so what “proof” did Mona have? Plus, she knows she killed Bethany, not Alison, so what was her game?


8. Will Aria or Mona Ever Be Investigated for Murder?

Hanna may have hit Elliott Rollins with a car, but that isn’t the first time one of the girls killed someone. Aria killed Shana and Mona admitted to killing Bethany Young. Why aren’t the Rosewood police on these cases? Someone call Detective Marco Furey.

Bethany Young Pretty Little Liars

9. What’s the Deal with Bethany Young?

Forget timeline issues with Bethany Young pushing Marion Cavanaugh from the roof — why was the DiLaurentis family so invested in this young girl who framed then-Charles?

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Jessica bought Bethany a horse and spent a lot of time with her. Alison exchanged letters with her. Eventually, Bethany drew truly terrifying drawings calling Jessica (or Mary Drake?) a Liar and showing monsters.

Bethany Young PLL Drawing

There’s so much more we need to learn about Bethany Young. She’s a bundle of mysteries all on her own.

Mona Pretty Little Liars Radley

10. What Did Alison Ask Mona to Do?

In her medicated stupor, Mona thought CeCe visiting her in Radley was Alison, and she said, “I did everything you asked me to do.” Um, did Alison know Mona was “A”? Did she tell her things to do?

Or, in an even crazier turn of events, did Charlotte lie about taking the “A” game from Mona, and did Mona actually recognize CeCe Drake as Charlotte and she was directing Mona way before?

Aria Eddie Lamb PLL

11. Why Did Eddie Lamb Recognize Aria?

Back when Aria volunteered at Radley to find information about Bethany, Eddie Lamb definitely recognized Aria.

“Did you volunteer for the reading program last year? … I feel like we’ve met before,” he said, and he looked pretty convinced. Why would he know Aria?

12. Who Was Melissa Talking to That Night?

Jason claimed to see Melissa Hastings deep in conversation with CeCe Drake wearing Alison’s yellow top That Night. But Charlotte says it wasn’t her. Is Charlotte lying? Was Melissa talking to Bethany Young?

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While we’re at it, what is Melissa’s deal? Why was she ever helping Jenna and Shana? What is her endgame?

Pretty Little Liars Beach Hottie

13. Who Is Beach Hottie?

We know Ezra is Board Shorts, but Ali and CeCe met another man during their summer in Cape May. Ali had a romance with Beach Hottie and even thought she was pregnant, but we never figured out who the mystery man was. Suspects have included Wilden and, of course, Wren Kingston.

14. Why Was Wren Coloring a Red Coat?

Wren is always a prime suspect in Pretty Little Liars, but mostly because of this one sketchy scene. Last we saw the doctor, he was coloring in a picture of a family at a farm, and he made the older woman's coat red. Afterward, we heard him on a phone call, saying, ““I’ve taken care of my part, now you take care of yours.”

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Wren, why are you always so shady?

Emily Alison’s Grave

15. Who Took Emily to Alison’s Dug-Up Grave?

In a scene that mirrored the pilot when Alison disappeared, Season 3 opened with Emily getting drugged and taken to Alison’s dug-up grave. We know along the way she encountered Jenna Marshall and even Aria’s childhood friend Holden, but who took her there?

Charlotte Archer PLL

16. When Did Charlotte Meet Archer?

Charlotte already knew Archer before he became her doctor, so when did they meet? How did they know each other? It’s especially suspicious because Archer seemed to have been travelling in from the U.K., so what’s the deal there?

jessica dilaurentis

17.  Who Killed Jessica DiLaurentis?

Alison’s mother met her demise back at the end of Season 4 and we still don’t know who murdered her.

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Charlotte buried her, she admitted to that, but it’s seeming more and more like the return of Mary Drake will finally reveal what happened to Jessica.


18. What Did Maya Know?

Mona gave Hanna and Aria a coded clue: “Miss Aria you’re a killer, not Ezra’s wife.” Decoded it means “Maya knew.” Clearly, Mona thinks that Maya knew too much, which lead to her death, but what exactly did Maya know?

It turned out Nate killed Maya, so what was her involvement in the “A” game, especially since she was close with Noel Kahn? And did what she knew involve "A," Alison, or something with Nate?

Dollhouse Message

19. Who Wrote the Creepy Dollhouse Message?

“He’s going to kill me” the note said, signed “M.” We know “A” was Charlotte, a woman, so who is the he? As far as we know, Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer, Sara Harvey, and Mona were the only ones in the Dollhouse, and only Mona begins with an “M,” but it didn’t seem to be her message.

20. Who Is “He”?

In the flash forward, we see the Liars bursting into Alison’s classroom to warn her that “he” is here. Who is he?

Pretty Little Liars returns in April 2017 on Freeform.

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