Pretty Little Liars Quotes: “You Look Like a Strung-Out Powerpuff Girl” and More from Season 1, Episode 15
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Quotes: “You Look Like a Strung-Out Powerpuff Girl” and More from Season 1, Episode 15

Anyone can lie; it takes practice to do it with style. We've rounded up the best quotes from Season 1, Episode 15 of Pretty Little Liars, featuring Hanna’s defense of Justin Bieber’s hair.

10. Spencer: “The man doesn’t know the difference between a Monet and a mojito.”
With enough mojitos, even an art museum can be enjoyable.

9. Aria (to Hanna): “Homework? What subject is more important to you than your cuticles?”
Aria keeps Hanna focused on what really matters.

8. Jason: “I was a jerk — I know that now.”
Spencer: “Well, that wasn’t the term that I would’ve used, but it works.”
There are a lot of four-letter words that would suffice.

7. Hanna (about Ella going to Philly): “But if she gets there, a lot of people are going to get hurt.”
Caleb: “Is Mrs. Montgomery running a terrorist cell?”
Caleb is ready to make a citizen’s arrest.

6. Spencer: “You guys do kind of have the social lives of shut-ins.”
In other words, Aria and Ezra aren’t quite as showy as, say, Khloe and Lamar.

5. Spencer (to Aria): “Okay, I’ve heard of communal cramps, but this is ridiculous. What happened to all that 'first real date' excitement? I mean, yesterday you were ready to give me tongue for giving you two tickets.”
If you buy tickets on Ticketmaster, we doubt that “giving tongue” is a payment option.

4. Caleb: “What’s the hurry? You want to be the first in line to see your boy Justin Bieber’s new movie?”
Hanna: “First of all, it’s not just a movie. It’s his real story.”
Caleb: “About what? His hair?”
Hanna: “You know what? Just don’t talk about the Biebs, okay? You don’t know the Biebs, you don’t understand the Biebs. Or his hair.”
There’s no shame in catching Bieber fever. Or in doing a little advertorial on ABC Family.

3. Hanna (to Aria): “One eye is bigger than the other. You look like a strung-out Powerpuff Girl.”
For Aria to really look like a Powerpuff Girl, wouldn’t her head have to be twice as big as her torso?

2. Spencer: “If I have to hole up in my room all night as your alibi, I’d like to do it with Jake Gyllenhaal.”
We’d like to do a lot of things with Jake Gyllenhaal.

1. Hanna: “You know, I always hoped my first sunrise would have tequila in it.”
Hanna always knows where to seek out true beauty, and that’s in a bottle.


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