‘Pretty Little Liars’ Reveals Who Killed Charlotte on Season 7, Episode 19
PLL Season 7 Ep 19

Pretty Little Liars

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Reveals Who Killed Charlotte on Season 7, Episode 19


Whoa, a whole lot happened in the penultimate episode of PLL. We got The Flash-Forward Scene in Ali’s classroom we have been waiting for, Tanner’s investigation into the Liars came to a head, and we finally found out who killed Charlotte!

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get right into this Pretty Little Liars recap of Season 7, Episode 19.

Tanner is calling for a judge to sign arrest warrants, and she wants them before the morning comes. We’re two seconds in and it’s already super bad news for the Liars. She looks down at the table and sees mugshots (which look old because Aria’s hair is long) for each Liar.

Thankfully though, we quickly pick back up with Aria, who last we saw was being approached by a police car after discovering what seemed to be Archer Dunhill’s body in her trunk. Yikes.

Aria is quick on her feet and tells the cop that she accidentally locked her keys in the trunk but that her friend is coming so she doesn’t need any help.

The cop, however, is feeling nice and he tries to jimmy her trunk open, popping it — much to our horror. Thankfully, the cop gets distracted by a voice on his radio, and Aria is able to reach in and grab keys while his back is turned so he doesn’t discover the body.

Welp. That was a close one.

When we pick back up after the opening credits, the rest of the Liars plus Ezra are gathered, and Caleb is telling them that Mona has the board game. Of course they all jump to conclusions that Mona is “A.D.,” and they decide Spencer, Hanna, and Caleb (awkward) are going to confront Mona.

Ezra then speaks up, angry at everyone for cutting off Aria. When he storms out, Caleb follows him. They mention they can’t get ahold of Toby and Aria isn’t answering her phone. Caleb says he can help, strangely enough asking for a set of her car keys.

Speaking of Aria, she’s driving down the dark road again, and now she might be losing her mind because she’s talking to the dead body. She says she wants to go to the police and tell them she killed him.

Across town, Mona goes back to her house, but the board game is gone. In its place is a note that says “Time for Pie. Be there.” Caleb and Hanna are hiding in her hallway and follow Mona when she leaves. It doesn’t seem like they know where she is going.

Meanwhile, Spencer goes to see Mary Drake at the Lost Woods and Mary says she has a goodbye gift for her and Alison. She put the deed to the Lost Woods Resort in Ali and Spencer’s names, because she knows about the police and how they’ll need money for lawyers.

When Mary goes to leave, Spencer grabs her mother’s hand and tells her to be careful.

At the DiLaurentis house, Emily and Alison talk about what is going to happen to the baby if they’re both arrested — will the baby grow up like Charlotte, alone? Emily promises she won’t let anyone hurt Alison, but when the camera pans to the side, there is some nozzle sticking out of the fireplace…

When Aria goes to turn herself into the police, she is stopped by Ezra. When he says that there is nothing linking her to Dunhill, she spills that his body is in the trunk of her car.

Then we cut to Caleb and Hanna who are spying on Mona at the Two Crows restaurant, which is where there’s a “Time for Pie” sign. The Two Crows, remember, is where Mona was supposed to meet Charlotte the night she died.

Spencer shows up to help spy on Mona, but Hanna doesn’t think Mona is “A.D.” When Caleb and Hanna argue over this, Spencer comments that it’s like they’re married or something. Awkward.

When the girls look away, Caleb walks into the Two Crows and sits at Mona’s booth and eats her pie. He asks her who she is waiting for, and when she doesn’t answer, he says he’s going to take her to the police with the game. That’s when Mona spills that someone stole the game from her.

It’s clear Mona’s game addiction is back. She gives a speech of the century.

“We’re out of our league, all of us. We swim around in this fishbowl like we are in control. We are not. There’s always been someone watching, manipulating,” she says.

When she’s done, she picks up the check on the table and looks at it. Spencer and Hanna charge in right then, and Mona runs into the bathroom and vanishes. They find the check, and on it is a note that says “leave now.” Even crazier? There’s a secret passage out the bathroom wall.

Caleb and Spencer trek down the passage together.

Back at the Brew, Ezra wants to skip town but Aria says she will never leave her friends. Instead they plan to get rid of the body in the trunk, but when they go to the car, the body is gone.

When we come back from commercial, we finally get That Flash-Forward Scene in Alison’s classroom. On the board she’s writing “Mrs. Rollins,” but there’s also a pan of all of her possible or once-names, like Vivian Darkbloom and even Alison DiLaurentis-Fields.

The girls enter the classroom breathless, as we all know, talking about the “him,” who is after them. And we finally see what happens next! The Liars stack desks and chairs up against the door, but Alison is grabbed from the wall behind her.

And that’s when Emily wakes up. The flash-forward scene was a dream. They both feel asleep, and now that they’re awake, the game board is on their kitchen table.

Just then, Aria knocks on the front door.

Now, Alison, Emily, and Aria are in the car Ezra is driving and Ali apologizes to Aria on behalf of everyone. Their happy moment is interrupted by a police blockade on the road, causing them to turn the car around.

Back to Caleb and Spencer, and Caleb tells his ex-girlfriend that he and Hanna got married tonight. Spencer says congratulations, but Caleb says he wants to say sorry.

“Don’t you dare apologize for being with me, and don’t you dare forget it, any of it. Because I won’t,” Spencer says. Spaleb feels!

The other Haleb half, Hanna is up on street level when she sees flower petals falling around her. She looks up to the infamous church belltower and heads toward it. When she gets to the top, Mona is in the window throwing out the petals.

Mona is wearing her glasses and mistakes Hanna for Charlotte. Hanna asks why Charlotte would want to meet her here, Mona says “because she had to.” Cut to a flashback!

Mona is holding those purple flowers found in Charlotte’s hand in the belltower. Charlotte is in the window. Mona tells her that she watched her all these years, that she knows she fooled the doctors into thinking she was better.

“You always were the smart one, Mona, not Spencer,” Charlotte says, confirming Mona’s theory.

But Mona says she isn’t going to let her hurt anyone again. Charlotte starts to tease Mona, saying she still sees those glasses and the frumpy sweaters. And it’s abundantly clear that Charlotte plans to get back in the “A” game, saying everything that happened before is going to feel like a picnic.

That’s when Mona grabs Charlotte and says that if she doesn’t jump out the window, she’ll push her.

When we cut back to real-time, Mona tries to push Hanna out the window, but Caleb and Spencer arrive in time. When they head back to their car, the final two puzzle pieces (each with an eye) are waiting.

Later, the Liars gather in a room at the Lost Woods and put the two final puzzle pieces in, while Caleb and Ezra are in another room watching Mona. When the pieces are in place, the game says “Congratulations. Claim the grand prize,” and it’s a picture of Archer.

The game then says, “the eyes have it.” When they hover the phone over the eyes, augmented reality shows a man walking toward Aunt Carol’s house.

OMG, he’s buried in Charles’s grave.

The Liars all have their shovels again and start to dig up the grave, but Aria stops them saying they should just walk away, that this cycle will never end until they’re all in a grave. Spencer says “rest in peace” in Latin and they all walk away.

But that’s when Tanner shows up with a huge digger truck. Uh oh.

After commercial all the Liars are in the police station. Tanner walks in and says the body they just dug up has been tentatively identified as Archer Dunhill, and leaves. Just then the lights go on in the next room with a two-way mirror, and Mary Drake is being questioned by Tanner. Mary says she killed Archer. She takes the fall for Spencer.

Ahh! And then she also spills that she killed Jessica DiLaurentis. Ali looks very upset, and Spencer does too, but for a different reason.

The Liars officially are let go from the police, though it’s clear Tanner doesn’t really believe Mary killed Dunhill.

Spencer sees her mom one last time before she’s carted away, and Mary gives her a shush finger, like a true Liar.

When all the Liars get back to Lost Woods, they tell Mona that Dr. Sullivan is going to come to help her. Hanna apologizes for bringing Mona back into the game, but Mona says she liked feeling needed by them.

Oh, and one last huge bomb: She didn’t kill Charlotte... on purpose.

We cut back to the flashback and Mona throws Charlotte not out the window but back into the church. Charlotte says she knows Mona didn’t have the guts to kill her, and then she attacks her.

“They will never love you,” Charlotte spits at Mona, and the two struggle, fighting back and forth. Suddenly, Mona pushes Charlotte and she hits the back of her head on a piece of metal sticking out from the wall. Then, Mona goes into a mental state like she’s in now, scattering those purple flowers over her body.

Back in real time, the Liars surround the game board, which is powering down. #Endgame is over, and as Hanna says, it’s all thanks to Mona.

Finally we get a small happy ending, as the Liars are back together as friends, saved from a murder charge, and the game is over.

In the “A” tag, the Liars’ game pieces are in a plastic bag, and “A.D.” or a black hoodie minion drives off into the sunset with it in the backseat.

Now that Mona isn’t “A.D.,” Mary Drake is also off the “Uber A” hook, the Endgame is complete, and a time jump is imminent, we’re are all geared up for a series finale that will be full of new things and surprises.

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