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Breakups and More “Bedlam:” ‘PLL’ Season 7, Episode 2 Recap


“Bedlam” was an apt title for Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 2. There was definitely chaos and confusion — and a lot of it centered on a mental institution, if you want to look up an old-school definition of “bedlam.”

Relationships were shattered, Mary Drake popped up everywhere in Rosewood, and Elliott’s plan to torture Alison came to a head. Let’s break it down from the beginning.

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PLL Season 7, Episode 2 opens where the premiere left off: Hanna is in the car with Mary Drake, who drives her back to Spencer’s house. Emily and Spencer are worried about their newly returned friend, but Hanna is more concerned about addressing the elephant in the room with former beau Caleb.

“I always felt safe around you,” she tells him, and Spaleb shippers collectively screamed.

Later, Emily is awoken by a phone call from Alison, trapped in the hospital by her husband: “I need you,” Emily hears before a struggle and a hang up.

But Emily can’t see Alison, because Elliott has changed visitation to family-only. (Um, Elliott-only, it seems.) Commence Emily’s big mission: find a way to Ali.

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Viewers then witness Aria and Liam’s breakup, the first relationship casualty of this episode. But, awkward — Liam is there to announce he’ll still be working on Aria and Ezra’s book.

All of Hanna’s Haleb feels have her remembering how she and her fiance, Jordan, met. We watch them meet cute in a bar, and the memory sparks something in Hanna as she takes off for New York, meeting Jordan in his office, dressed in a super hot red dress.

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However, their romantic reunion quickly goes south when Hanna’s plan to “start all over again” with her new love in the bar they first met is foiled. The bar is gone. And before viewers have a chance to realize it, their relationship is gone, too. Hanna hands back her engagement ring. Relationship casualty No. 2.

After Liam sees Ezra and Aria tenderly holding hands, his role as book editor becomes doubly awkward, leading to a showdown between Aria’s two love triangle corners over, ostensibly, Ezra’s writing, but really, Liam noting his “predatory” behavior toward Aria.

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Later in the episode, though, Aria shuts down Liam’s (and many viewers’) theory: “I am me because of what has happened, what I’ve done, and because of who I love.” Can’t you hear the Ezria wedding bells?

Meanwhile, Mary Drake and Spencer reunite for a less tense but still explosive scene where Mary reveals why she was sent to Radley. Long story short? Jessica DiLaurentis is, at best, a terrible babysitter; at worst, a baby murderer. But when the parents came home to find their 10-month-old dead, it was Mary who was there to take the penalty.

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Next in her tour of the Liars, Mary meets Emily at The Radley, where Emily is applying for a job, and joins her mission to see Alison. But when the two do find their way into the hospital room, Elliott interrupts before Alison is able to say her husband is evil. Oh, and thinking Mary Drake was her mother, Alison says some pretty odd things about how Elliott isn’t the man Jessica said he was. Um, what?

Back at Spencer’s house, Caleb says what he and Spencer had was never a mistake, it was real, but that doesn’t stop him from saying it in the past tense. Relationship casualty No. 3?

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Emily witnesses Mary and Elliott argue behind closed doors and becomes suspicious of the two working together. It seems Mary is concerned, too, telling Elliott how he’s treating Alison is going “too far.”

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So when a hidden person wheels Alison out of her room and, seemingly, out the doors of the hospital, it’s a cliffhanger, but it’s hard to imagine Mary Drake and Emily don’t have something to do with the breakout. Of course, she could just be being taken to another hospital room for something even worse to happen, but we’ll find out in Episode 3.

There’s no "A" tag this week, but enough bedlam so we don’t miss it.

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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