\'Pretty Little Liars\' Recap, Season 7, Episode 5: Guess Who\'s Back?
PLL Season 7 Episode 5, Andrea Parker as Mary Drake
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Pretty Little Liars

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap, Season 7, Episode 5: Guess Who’s Back?


“Did you miss me?” Oh yes we did. These were the first, famous Pretty Little Liars words out of Noel Kahn’s mouth in his jaw-dropping return to Rosewood in Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 5. If this bad boy’s arrival wasn’t enough, the episode also had the anticipated proposal and so much more.

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But let’s start at the end of the episode.

Noel Kahn, the mysterious man of Rosewood, strolls up to Jenna and Sara Harvey’s conversation at The Radley (more on that craziness later), picks up the drink Jenna had ordered for him, and gives us those four little words we always love hearing: “Did you miss me?”

Duh — especially because he hasn’t been seen onscreen since Season 5.

This scene is preceded by another jaw-dropper: The highly anticipated PLL proposal.

So who got the ring? Well, Ezra proposes to Aria (squeal!) but we don’t know her response yet. Earlier in the episode, she picks up Ezra’s ringing phone to see a call from his kidnapped, presumed dead girlfriend Nicole, but there was only chatter on the other end. Taking Emily’s advice, she deletes the call.

Also before the proposal, Ezra spills that he visited Nicole’s parents to tell them about Aria (which was a huge ringing bell that he was going to pop the question), but Aria is silent on her involvement in a manslaughter or murder coverup.

Not a great place to begin an engagement.

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But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s take it back to the beginning because there was so much more in “Along Came Mary” than a proposal and a return.

Alison is finally released from Welby. The only caveat? She’s released into Mary Drake’s care. Yes, the same Mary Drake who pretended to be her dead mother and sent her scrambling to Welby in the first place.

But Ali is no fool. She tells Aria she plans on gathering answers from her aunt about A.D. and who Elliott Rollins, or Archer, really is.

Mary, however, isn’t quite ready to spill.

She tells Ali she thought her family’s money was justice enough for Alison killing her daughter Charlotte and the countless other ways the DiLaurentis family has ruined her life. Elliott, though, wanted more of an eye-for-an-eye deal.

Because no one is sure if they can trust Mary, just like we viewers at home, the Liars do their own sleuthing. Mona discovers deleted texts from Archer’s burner phone from right before he took Ali from Welby.

The most OMG one: “Alison didn’t kill Charlotte.”

So, if he knew that, what exactly was he doing with his wife in the woods in the middle of the night?

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Mona, who really needs to get her private investigator license, also discovered Archer has a secret “burner apartment.”

The hunt for the real identity of Alison’s husband only heats up when she realizes Archer took off with all of her money and her shares in the Carissimi Group. It's a move that makes Mary say, “That bastard double-crossed me.”

Emily texts from Archer’s burner, “Things have changed, need to lay low. Can you meet?”

Someone asks back, “The usual spot?”

Because they assume that usual spot is the secret rental, they head there. In the burner apartment, Emily and Aria discover a complete mess, but they quickly realize it’s only for show. Archer has hidden plane tickets and blank passports for (notably) two. In a copy of Twelfth Night, they see the name Archer Dunhill.”

Ahem. A.D.

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They also see more proof Archer pretended to be Wilden and cash receipts for J.M. and M.D.

Jenna Marshall and Mary Drake?

Their police skills are interrupted when a real officer shows up at the door: Toby. In a move that will surely put him in hot water with his new boss, Marco Furey, Toby gives Aria and Emily five minutes to peace out of the place before he calls in backup.

Speaking of Marco, Spencer’s one-time elevator tryst partner meets up with Alison to update her on the case of her missing husband.

Elliott Rollins was last seen in Baltimore, the operative word being seen.

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Turns out a credit card under his assumed name was used to rent a car, and the driver was caught on a traffic camera. Of course, we dying viewers at home don’t get a peek at that photo yet.

But the Liars weren’t spending the whole episode sleuthing. The relationship department was seeing some rocky waters. We already know about Aria, but what about the rest of the Liars?

First up, Emily: Emily and Sabrina are heating up. On the first date, they talked all night and fell asleep in Lucas’s loft. After some awkward murder-cover-up-miscommunication, the two plan on another date.


In Spencer’s world, she is desperate to find her missing boyfriend Caleb. So much so, she contacts both his ex, Hanna, and her ex, Toby, for help. In the end, though, it seems he’s not ready to be found.

As for Hanna, does she still have feelings for Caleb? Spencer calls her out for wearing Jordan’s ring, even though we know it’s fake, when she still has feelings for another man. Dagger.

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Alison is already struggling with her aunt and her fake, dead husband when she gets a shot straight through the heart: Her red jacket is returned dry cleaned with a note from A.D. that tells her that her friends, the Liars, are the ones who ratted her out for killing Charlotte.

And finally, there’s perhaps the craziest new partnership: Jenna and Sara Harvey. Jenna and Alison have a confrontation at the DiLaurentis house, where Jenna alludes to knowing Archer is already dead and Alison lets it leak she knows about the burner phone.

Because we know Jenna is still gunning for Ali, her newfound friendship with Sara is going to be huge. The two meet at the Radley bar and have this epic conversation.

“I think a few of the girls you know are a few of the girls I know,” Jenna says.

“What an unfortunate thing for us to have in common,” Sara responds.

This can only mean bad things for the Liars. Don’t they have enough to deal with? They eventually figure out the joining of these two forces when Emily spots them together at the Brew.

We know only one thing for sure about Pretty Little Liars Season 7: This wild ride isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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