‘Pretty Little Liars’ Series Finale Reveals “A.D.” and Comes Full Circle in Rosewood

Pretty Little Liars

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Series Finale Reveals “A.D.” and Comes Full Circle in Rosewood


OMG it’s the the series finale, and we’re ready for a Pretty Little Liars recap of all the reveals, the swoons, and of course, the final answer to “who is ‘A.D.’”

Before we start crying again, let’s start the episode back at the beginning.

The episode kicks off with the Liars sitting around chatting about gossip  — Mona’s expensive handbag line, Bridget Wu — and how they never figured out who “A” was, when it goes totally fun-bizarre. Lucas is tap dancing and Jenna is riding by on a horse. The Liars all look up and it’s snowing because, psych!

Mona is envisioning this all inside a snowglobe she’s holding in what looks like a Radley-like asylum. She drops it on the ground when a hooded figure walks in.

“I never would have guessed it was you,” she says. “Are you here to kill me?”

Before we see who she is talking to, the scene cuts out for the theme song (for the last time) and we quickly cut to Ezra and Aria one year later!

As Ezra says their book is about to become a movie and Aria is about to become his wife. They’re totally in sunny L.A.

Back in Rosewood, Emily is feeding the Emison babies! Twins! Twin girls! Lily and Grace. Alison pops in the room, and it’s clear these two are still together, thank goodness.

Did we speak too soon? Because in the next scene Alison is meeting Mrs. Fields at the Radley, who seems worried about Emily’s future. What are you doing, Pam?

Speaking of family, Spencer is at a horse riding ranch with her long-lost sister Melissa. It’s not the only reunion, though, because Toby arrives! Spoby has a huge hug, and they note Toby is back from Africa for the wedding. The ex Rosewood PD officer gives Spencer a seriously longing, loving look, BTW, Spoby shippers.

Over in Alison’s Rosewood High class, they’re discussing Aria and Ezra’s book, and Addison Derringer makes a snarky remark about how Aria is the reason the book doesn’t have a happy ending.

Alison snaps back at Addison after class, and we see that old queen bee Ali again: “You may think you’re winning the battle, but I’ll win the war,” she says.

In the Rosewood hallways, a student (who happens to be hearing impaired) opens her locker and there’s a doll with a knife in its heart. But Ali and Emily know that’s no “A” game, and ask her if Addison is bullying her (much like Ali used to bully everyone). She denies it and takes off, clearly scared of Addison.

Who isn’t scared of Addison? Jenna Marshall who strolls over to Addison and tells her to get to class. Addison tries to wave her hand in front of Jenna’s face, but Jenna smacks it away, saying that she may not be able to see but she can smell a bitch a mile away.

Turns out, Jenna is the school’s new life skills teacher, and we can’t think of anyone better.

Finally, we get to see Hanna and Caleb, who stayed in Rosewood in Lucas’ sloft (which they bought) after their marriage… for Mona while she’s in Welby.

Caleb doesn’t want to see Mona, so Hanna opens the door and lets her in. Mona is on meds, but Hanna assures her she’s getting better, and she can be alone tonight while Caleb and Hanna head out of the bachelor-bachelorette party.

Remember how Alison and Spencer own the Lost Woods Resort now? Well they remodeled it and surprised Ezra and Aria with that joint party there. Ezria, Emison, Haleb, and even a not-together Spoby are in attendance.

Meanwhile, cut back to the loft and Mona is GONE.

At the bachelor/ette party, they’re talking about Ezria’s honeymoon, and it’s a surprise for Aria. This gets some sullen chatter from Hanna who quips, “we never took a honeymoon.” Uh oh, Haleb shippers.

But someone is watching this little party from the bushes, wearing a black hoodie. It’s Melissa Hastings!

As the night gets later, the Liars and the boys are sitting around a firepit, and Spencer notices that Hanna is feeling upset, so she pulls her aside to make mojitos. Spencer asks her what’s going on with Hanna and Caleb and Hanna drops that Mona is living with them, and she’s acting as her sponsor. She feels guilty because she made Mona play the game again.

Emison go back to their room (hopefully for that HBO-level sex); and Ezria and Haleb take off, though less happy. That leaves Toby and Spencer. We learn that Spencer is a paralegal at her mom’s law firm and going to law school full time. But the small talk cuts out quick.

“Wanna take me back to your room?” Spencer asks.

But it’s just to play Scrabble.

That’s not the case for Ezria who are getting super intimate in their room. The same goes for Emison, until Alison cuts her off to remind Emily that she always has family. (What’s the scoop with Pam?) until they get back down to it.

In another room, Hanna and Caleb are arguing over Mona, and how Caleb’s sex drive is being controlled by Hanna’s ovulation app. OMG, Haleb is trying to get pregnant. And OMG, there’s big trouble in Haleb paradise.

Back in Ezria’s room, Aria gets a phone call and when she goes to the window there is a hoodie-rocking Melissa again!

In the Scrabble-playing room, Toby is asleep on the bed and Spencer is leaving one last word on the game board before she leaves.


On her way out, she runs into Aria, who is crying in the lobby.

“I can’t marry Ezra,” Aria says. But before we hear why, we cut outside to Melissa in the hoodie. She pulls off the mask, and it’s Mona!

When we get back from commercial, all of the Liars are consoling Aria, but we still don’t know why Aria can’t marry Ezra. When we see Mona again, she is FaceTiming “A.D.” who, like with Aria, is morphed to look like Mona. Mona is trying to prove that “A.D.” can trust her, so she can get information, because it’s clear Mona is in the dark over who “A.D.” is, too.

It’s now the next day, and we’re back in Ezra’s apartment. Aria bursts into tears, saying she just learned she can’t have kids. Ezra says they’re going to get through it together, that they’re still going to find a way to have a family.

We finally check in on Mary Drake, as Spencer visits her in prison, calling her “Mom.” Spencer asks Mary for help, but we cut away before we find out what that is.

Later, Hanna, Caleb, and Mona meet Ashley Marin and the rest of the Liars at Aria’s rehearsal dinner. No one is pleased with this news, but they promise they’ll be nice for Hanna’s sake.

At the same party, Ezra and Byron bury the hatchet over some scotch, and Byron gives Ezra his blessing to marry Aria. But enough about the men, because the PLL moms (minus Pam) are all back together and there’s wine!

They make a joke about getting out of the basement, but we’ll never know how!

Emily runs into two of her students working for the catering team at the party. One is Maya’s niece!

Emily is trying to tell them not to be bullies like their friend Addison, but in an echo of Ali, they say Addison isn’t someone you can say no to.

On the way out of the party, Toby runs into Spencer who is acting as designated driver for her mom. He congratulates her on winning Scrabble with the word she left while he was sleeping: limerence, a kind of unrequited love. Spoby feels!

Also leaving are Ashley and Hanna, and Ashley tells her daughter that she thinks she’s in the wrong over the Caleb argument, but that she’s still on her side.

Elsewhere, Aria tells Ezra that two other doctors told her she was infertile and has known for more than weeks. Ezra is upset that she didn’t share that with him; and Aria says she was worried what that would mean for their wedding. He’s not pleased that she didn’t have faith in him, and then he takes off to go sleep alone. Not the best thing right before the wedding.


Back at the DiLaurentis house, Emily is begging Alison to tell her what’s going on between Ali and Pam, and Alison pulls an engagement ring out of her bag! It’s Emily’s grandmother’s ring. And then Alison proposes!

“When I was at my most lonely and unhappy and angry place, you loved me … and you make me a better woman because you searched for one,” she says.

Emily says yes! Wahoo!

In other couple news, Caleb can’t sleep, so Hanna goes to talk to him. She says she’ll ask Mona to move out, and Caleb says he’ll help Hanna help Mona. Then let’s just say they try to make a baby right there on the couch.

If you thought that was all the sexy times tonight, you were wrong, because Spencer shows up at Toby’s hotel room and basically just starts kissing him as soon as he opens the door. It quickly escalates from there.

Right from there, we cut to Spencer’s barn, where she’s toweling off after a shower when she hears music playing. In the living room, there’s Mona is a black hoodie.

“Deja vu, bitch,” Mona says and slaps Spencer to the ground.

When Spencer wakes up, she’s trapped in some industrial/hospital looking place, on the floor. Then she sits up and looks in the mirror, except… hold up… that’s not a mirror.

It’s another SPENCER.

Then Mary Drake pops in and injects our real Spencer with something that makes her pass out.

We quickly cut to Ezra asking someone to do something “last minute” for the wedding when OMG Spencer walks in. Other Spencer. When Ezra asks what she’s doing there, she can’t answer.

Next thing we know, Barry Maple is at the DiLaurentis house, warning Emily and Alison that Mary Drake escaped.

Back to real-Spencer. She wakes up chained to some hospital bed. Twin-Spencer is sitting there, and she has a British accent. We get a flashback from her, finally!

Spencer twin is bartending, and in walks… Wren Kingston. He tries to talk to her like she’s Spencer, but she clearly doesn’t know him. She introduces herself as Alex Drake, and Wren orders a familiar “A.D.” drink: vodka soda.

The twin’s name is Alex. (Ahem, Alex Drake, “A.D.”) She didn’t know about Spencer, Mary, or Charlotte. But Wren filled her in on everything. Melissa was already out of the picture, and she and Wren started dating.

Spencer then asks Alex if Wren has been a part of all this, the texts, the board game. Alex says the board game was to get closure, on her own terms, after Charlotte died. And when the game was over, she went back to Wren in London.

Spencer says Alex will never be able to pull off pretending to be her. But Alex drops what we already know: She already has pulled it off.

We get flashes to her visiting Hanna in the barn, to looking at baby pictures, to asking Toby to kiss her, to having sex with Toby at his cabin.

“Like mother like daughter,” Alex says. Mary slept with Peter pretending to be Jessica and Alex did the same with Toby. But what would Wren think?

Well, Alex flashes back to that airport scene with Wren. They were arguing. Wren says he misses them as a couple, that he wants Alex to stop. That’s when Ezra interrupted them. Alex did make good on promising Wren she’d be done when the board game was done, but she couldn’t stop thinking about Spencer.

Spencer got everything, and she got nothing. It’s not about money, Alex tells Wren in a flashback, it’s about having a home and parents and friends who risk their lives for each other.

“Even when they make mistakes, even when they make huge mistakes, they still love each other. I just want to know what that feels like,” Alex tells him.

Wren wants Alex to tell the truth and come clean about who she is, but it’s clear Alex can’t do that. Wren says he loves her, 'til death do they part, and Alex hands Wren a gun to shoot her so she can have a wound like Spencer’s.

Wren freaks out and says he can’t, but he does, and then runs to her and hugs her.

Back in the room with Alex and Spencer, Alex tells her twin that no matter what, Wren still saw her as Alex, but she didn’t want to be her anymore. She wanted Spencer’s life. She wanted to be Spencer.

Then she says she carries Wren’s ashes around her neck. OMG, she killed him.

And with that, Alex goes to take Spencer’s place at Ezria’s wedding.

Next we see Alex, she’s with the rest of the Liars in their bridesmaid dresses. Aria comes out in her wedding dress. Everyone starts crying, even Alex.

“I’m so happy to be here with all of you,” Alex says, and you can tell she means it.

Alex then takes one of the Emison twins and holds her away from the group. She whispers that she has “her daddy’s eyes” because OMG the dad is totally Wren.

Back with Spencer, Mary Drake checks in on her and says that she’s trapped there, because Alex drugged her and put her there, too. Spencer learns that Mary didn’t know where Alex was all these years or if she was even alive. The Hastingses didn’t know about the twin sister, either. Turns out, Mary sold the twin to Dr. Cochrane for a ticket out of Radley. Yikes.

Alex was adopted by a wealthy family in England, but she had issues, and her parents left her at an orphanage where she was given back her birthname: Alex Drake. She ran away from that place when she was 10.

Spencer cries in the corner, and Mary brakes the rules to enter Spencer’s cell and hug her. But before Spencer can get out, Mary locks her back in and walks away. We see, though, that Spencer was able to grab a bobby pin.

When we return to the wedding, Ezra hasn’t shown up yet. He sent Aria a text saying he wasn’t coming.

Meanwhile, Spencer tries to pick the lock with a bobby pin when she sees someone in another cell. It’s Ezra. Whoa!

Turns out, when Ezra ran into Alex (who he thought was Spencer) he thought she was acting weird and followed her. She knocked him out and brought him here.

“It’s my wedding day, Spencer. And we’re locked in some kind of do-it-yourself dungeon, so no I’m not OK,” Ezra says, and LOL.

Of course, at the Radley, Aria isn’t doing well either. All the Liars minus Spencer/Alex are staying with her.

In the DIY dungeon, Alex is back and she tells Ezra about how she met him once at the airport before closing his cell window so he can’t see. Spencer pleads with Alex about how she and the Liars will forgive her like they forgave Mona. But she’d much rather have Spencer’s life… and have Toby.

Alex also spills that she was there the night at the blind school when Spencer was shot. Jenna recruited Noel to look for Alex, because she knew Charlotte had a sister. Alex says she offered to pay for Jenna’s eye surgery if she helped her.

We then flash back to Charlotte meeting Archer Dunhill on an airplane, seemingly when CeCe ran away to Paris. That’s also when Wren called Charlotte to meet her sister Alex at the airport. Alex says she and Charlotte started talking and became very, very close. Also Archer and Charlotte had a serious love affair, but he gaslit Alison on his own, not for “A.”

Before they came back to Rosewood, and before Charlotte’s “A” reveal, Wren, Archer, Charlotte, and Alex were inseparable. But Charlotte wanted to go back and play the game. As a parting gift, Charlotte gave Alex a copy of Patsy Cline’s album, but Alex never saw her again before she died.

Back at the Radley, Alex is in the Liars’ hotel room and gets into bed with Aria and Hanna. She strokes Aria’s hair and says, “I think you and I are going to be the closest of all,” because Sparia!

In the morning, Alex goes to the horse ranch and tries to put a saddle on Spencer’s rescue horse, but the horse knows that’s not his person. Toby shows up and definitely senses something is wrong.

At this point, everyone else is back at Ezra’s apartment and Aria is getting suspicious because he didn’t bring his packed bag. Right then, she answers the door and it’s a hot air balloon ride surprise that Ezra booked to kick off their honeymoon. Now Aria seriously knows something is wrong.

Cut to outside Hastings & Hastings law firm, and Alex is sitting outside while Veronica and Jenna are coming out of the door.


When Veronica goes back inside, Jenna says that “Spencer” doesn’t smell like herself. When Alex goes inside, Jenna calls Toby to say this: “I don’t think Spencer’s Spencer.”

All the Liars are gathered (sans Alex/Spencer) and Aria is about to send an SOS text to Spencer because they found out his car was still parked at the Radley, when Toby walks in and tells her not to.

Toby finally looked at the book that Alex gave him that day she asked for a kiss. He knows it’s not Spencer’s because there’s no writing in the margins. He says he thinks she has a twin. Everyone jumps in on this theory that Spencer’s twin is “A.D.” but when we pan out, we see Mona is watching them on her computer from the Brew. She calls “A.D.” and says that she needs to tell her where she is and who she is.

In the dungeon, Spencer is trying to pick the lock while Alex and Mary Drake are arguing upstairs. Alex wants to kill Spencer and Ezra because “I am Spencer now.” When Mary tries to talk her out of it, Alex punches her.

Finally Mona goes to the Liars! She tells everyone that it was Wren that came to visit her at Welby at the very beginning. Now Mona is playing the game to beat “A.D.”, and she has the coordinates of where she is.

Guess what? It’s Toby’s house that he built for Yvonne. All the Liars, plus Caleb and Toby and Mona go.

Just in time because Spencer and Ezra break out and try to escape the dungeon as Alex chases them with an axe. They burst out into the street, but… wait. It’s fake. Alex has created a fake Rosewood, and they’re still underground.

Everyone else gets to Toby’s house and it’s set up just like Spencer’s. Creepy. Aria finds the door to the dungeon and they step out. But when we cut to Ezra and Spencer, the lights all go out and Alex charges at them with an ax. Ezra falls and hits his head and Alex and Spencer tussle.

Just then the Liars charge in, Toby with a gun. But… they’re not sure which twin is Spencer. Toby puts his gun away and goes to twin to ask, “tell me your favorite poem from the book you gave me.” The other one answers correctly, and in French.


Mona then announces that she called 911 (someone, finally!) as the police come in.

“No one can call you Loser Mona anymore,” Alex says.

Finally! It’s Ezria wedding time! Everyone is in a church as Aria and Ezra tie the knot. Just when the officiant asks if anyone has any objections, a phone text beeps. It’s none of the Liars, it’s the photographer in the corner, played by Marlene King.

Ezria are married!

And now, all of the Liars are walking down a road in Rosewood together, and they’re all happy. Hanna then announces she’s pregnant. Aria says she and Ezra are meeting with an adoption agency post-honeymoon.

“For some reason this feels like it’s the end of something,” Ali says, and all the Liars start to tear up (and we do, too)!

The camera pans to the church belltower and then to somewhere in Paris where Mona is working behind the counter in some eerie doll and trinket shop. A man comes in, kisses her and asks if she’s coming to dinner, and leaves. Mona then closes the shop and sneaks down to some old room.

There, she has a dollhouse and dolls. Behind that are Mary Drake and Alex in a new Dollhouse-type room, all dressed up for tea.

“She can’t keep us here forever,” Mary says.

“Of course she can, she’s Mona,” Alex says.

But wait there’s more! All the Liar-like friends of Addison are at a sleepover on a stormy night, and when they wake up, Addison is gone. Just then, as we all see coming, one of the friends walks back to the barn and says, “She’s gone. I’ve looked everywhere for her. I think I heard her scream.”

Pretty Little Liars lives on forever!