All the Answers From the \'Pretty Little Liars\' Season 6 Summer Finale

Pretty Little Liars

All the Answers From the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6 Summer Finale


The Pretty Little Liars Season 6 summer finale ("Game Over, Charles") promised lots of answers, and we're glad to say it delivered. Whether you liked the answers is another question, but we certainly got them. Here are the 11 biggest things we learned, all in one handy place.

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Who Is "A"?
CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray).

How Did She Become "A"? CeCe, born Charles DiLaurentis, is trans, which is why she thinks her dad was so eager to have her put away — he didn't like it when she would dress up in girl's clothing as a child. Her traumatic experiences in Radley, combined with the terrible example Mrs. DiLaurentis set, helped shape her into the evil stalker we know and hate.

Why Did She Stalk the Liars? Apparently CeCe was mad that they were glad Ali was (apparently) dead. She is super loyal to Ali, in her twisted way. She learned all about the "A" game and the Liars from Mona (Janel Parrish) while Mona was in a drug induced haze in Radley, and took it over to get her own revenge. After a while, she just became addicted to the game.

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Who Hit Ali That Night? It was CeCe. Bethany had stolen her clothes — Mrs. D bought CeCe the same things she bought Ali — and snuck out of Radley to hurt Mrs. D, because she was mad Mrs. D was having an affair with her dad. CeCe meant to hit Bethany, but accidently hit Ali instead. Mrs. D buried Ali to save CeCe.

Who Killed Bethany Young? Mona. She thought it was Ali; she hadn't intended to kill her, but her rage took over in the moment.

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Who Is Red Coat? We already knew CeCe and Ali have donned the red coat in the past, but tonight we learned that Sara Harvey was a third Red Coat. Ha. Called that.

Who Is the Black Widow? Also Sara!

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Who Killed Toby's Mom? Bethany Young, but then she blamed it on Charles. Mrs. D payed off Wilden to rule it a suicide.

Who Killed Wilden? It actually was CeCe. She thought he would never let Ali come home after she was revealed to be alive.

Where Did the Money Come From? CeCe's just a good investor, apparently. That's kind of hard to swallow, but OK.

Who is Rhys Matthew? A stooge hired by CeCe; he didn't know anything.