A ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Musical Number Is Coming — And So Is Another Time Jump!
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Pretty Little Liars

A ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Musical Number Is Coming — And So Is Another Time Jump!


You may think the Liars have been through everything, but there’s something exciting and new coming to Pretty Little Liars Season 7B: a musical number!

Yaaas! With all the talented ladies and gentlemen in the cast, it’s awesome that they’ll get to showcase their other performance skills.

Not only that, but showrunner Marlene King has more secrets to spill about the final episodes before the series finale, and there are some big changes ahead. But first let's get to the song and dance!

Executive producer Oliver Goldstick has said he has been asking for all seven seasons for a musical number because of his talented cast.

“All of them have incredible talents, and singing happens to be one of them,” he tells TVLine.

“And I thought it was a shame that we didn’t utilize that and we found a way to platform it in the last 10 episodes.”

Obvi we know that Lucy Hale has a successful country singing career, so it’s like 99.99 percent certain that we’ll at least get some Aria singing action. But Lucy isn’t the only one with skills.

Like Lucy, Sasha Pieterse has a bona fide country singing background, showing her pipes with her single “This Country Is Badass.”

Janel Parrish has a Broadway background and has worked as a singer-songwriter. You can check out her voice on her single “Rainy Day.”

Not to mention, Janel has also killed it on a season of Dancing with the Stars, so she’ll be ready if that musical number has some choreography behind it.

Troian Bellisario has shown off her soulful voice in both English and French on YouTube, so we hope Spencer gets to sing the blues, too. (She sure has a lot of blues to sing about.)

Lest we forget, Jenna Marshall herself, Tammin Sursok, is a straight-up pop star back in Australia, a career she left to work on Pretty Little Liars, though she still intermittently records.

And that’s just the Liars; Tyler Blackburn, Keegan Allen, and, of course, Nia Peeples have all worked as singers.

So, yeah, it’s a total no-brainer to have a Pretty Little Liars musical number. But wait, there’s more...

Marlene also dropped the news that PLL is not done with time jumps. The final 10 episodes will take us one year into the future.

Hmm, because we are still waiting for the infamous flash-forward scene in Alison’s classroom, maybe it’s another whole year later.

With so many exciting things in store, we’re biting our nails until April.