Everything We Know About The Final 10 Episodes of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ EVER
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Everything We Know About The Final 10 Episodes of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ EVER


Sadly, Pretty Little Liars Season 7B will be the final 10 episodes of the series, but based on info from Marlene King, they’re definitely going out with a bang.

Marlene spilled some details on Season 7B in an interview with TVGuide, among other places, and here’s everything we know so far.

1. Charlotte's Father Will Be Revealed

“We will find out who Charlotte’s father is, and we will find out how Spencer came to be,” Marlene says.

As a bonus hint, she notes that the storyline emerged from Sara Shepard’s book series, so the hiatus might be the perfect time to get some reading done.

2. We’ll Hear Loads of Wedding Bells

PLL Wedding

Marlene promises “more than one” wedding, but who could they be?

Ezria is engaged, but Nicole is back. Haleb just rekindled their love. Emison is heating up. Who will walk down the aisle?

3. Emison Will Still Have to Contend With Paige

"Paige is not gone for good, although I did love her riding away on the bicycle,” Marlene says. “It was like a Wizard of Oz moment, but Paige is riding her bike back.”

Fingers crossed this also means old-school mean Ali is back to fight for Emily, too.

4. Wren Is Back… For a While!

Everyone’s favorite suspicious British doctor Wren Kingston will appear in 7B, and he will be sticking around for more than one episode. Yaass.

Plus, Marlene says he’ll have a scene with his real-life good friend Ian Harding. Hmm…

5. Pastor Ted Is Also Back

Ashley Pastor Ted

Ashley Marin’s love life is heating up as her former fiancé Pastor Ted returns to Rosewood. Will they rekindle a romance? Is Ted officiating one of the weddings? Or, uh oh, is he officiating a funeral?

6. Alison’s Pregnancy Won’t Be “Average”

Fans have run rampant theorizing that somehow Alison was impregnated using Emily’s stolen eggs, and Marlene hasn’t exactly shut down that theory. When TV Guide asked if Ali was having an “average pregnancy” she said, “Nothing is average in Pretty Little Liars, so you can take that to fuel your theory. Everything is a little spectacular.”

7. There Will Be Another Time Jump

It's not going to be another huge time jump, but it will come.

"There will be a one year time jump before it ends," Marlene says. Hmm... so we should get to see New Baby DiLaurentis!

8. Get Ready, A Musical Episode Is Coming

Get ready, because there's a Pretty Little Liars musical number on the horizon.

“All of them have incredible talents, and singing happens to be one of them. And I thought it was a shame that we didn’t utilize that and we found a way to platform it in the last 10 episodes," said executive producer Oliver Goldstick.

9. All of Our Questions Will Be Answered... Minus One

"Every single answer [will be given] except how the moms got out of the basement," joked Shay Mitchell at TCA press day.

We are all ears, Emily!

10. We Will See Alison's Baby

Don't expect a fake-out, because that baby is definitely coming before the series ends.

"We will see a baby!" Marlene tells Cosmopolitan.

"That story line is really one of the most out there story lines we've done, but I will say that it is honored in such a beautiful way in 7B. It's really grounded, and it's really beautiful, and it's really some of the most emotional arcs and beats we have in all of 7B."

11. At Least Two Major Characters Will Die

Cosmo reports that Marlene spilled details on at least two more main character deaths. That bloody summer finale, with Noel literally losing his head, seems to have nothing on Season 7B! After saving Toby and Spencer's lives, who could be on the chopping block?

12. "A.D." Is Someone We've Never Met Before... What?

When asked what he thinks about the big "A.D." reveal, Tyler Blackburn said something super unexpected... and suspicious:

"You've never met them," he says.

"You kind of have. When you see it, you'll understand what I'm saying."

Did Tyler just low-key give credence to all of these twin theories?

13. The Flash-Forward Scene Is Coming, Promise

Alison Flash Forward

That scene when the Liars run into Alison’s classroom to say that “he” is coming has been long awaited but Marlene promises it’s coming.

“Yes, we will definitely see that and we'll see why we saw it. It's part of Alison's storyline.”

Could it potentially be a dream? Alison was writing “Mrs. Rollins” on the chalkboard, which is totally odd. And the way Marlene describes the scene is fishy to us.

Can't wait for answers!

Pretty Little Liars returns tonight, April 18 at 8p.m. ET on Freeform.

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