The 9 Most Important Moments From the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Series Finale Promo
Mona Vanderwaal Finale

Pretty Little Liars

The 9 Most Important Moments From the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Series Finale Promo


Take a deep breath; we are finally here. The Pretty Little Liars series finale airs next week, and the promo video for the episode is full of stand-out moments.

Here are the top nine most important things we learned from the spoilerific trailer video.

#1. We're almost definitely at the one-year time jump

There’s a .001 percent chance we’re wrong on this, but it definitely looks like the Pretty Little Liars series finale will start with the one-year time jump Marlene promised.

Our prime evidence? Alison is rocking some crazy cool bangs. Plus, Spencer is telling the whole Liar crew (yay they’re all friends still!) to never look back.

#2. Aria can’t marry Ezra?

Aria sits on a couch crying, and Spencer and Emily are comforting her. At first listen, it sounds like Aria says, “I can’t marry Ezra.”

That in itself would be a big deal, but many Pretty Little Liars fans noticed something when the closed captions were on: The captions say “I can’t bury Ezra.”

Aria Ezra Finale

Whoa! Is this a bizarre mistake or does Ezra die?

#3. Ezra and Spencer are running through some bunker

Is this the Dollhouse part 2? In a very quick shot we see Ezra running down a corridor that looks like it’s in some kind of bunker.

Spencer is running behind him. Ask yourself this question: Is Ezra running with Spencer or from her?

Spencer Ezra Finale

#4. Spencer is getting attacked a lot in this promo

First we see Mary Drake’s return. It looks like she injects something in the back of Spencer’s neck, and then Spencer wakes up in what could be a bed with a white pillow, or what could be a coffin.

Mary Drake Spencer Finale

Is Mary trying to save Spencer? How is she out of jail on a double murder charge? We have so many questions.

But that’s not all. A black hoodie-wearing Mona also slaps Spencer across the face in another quick scene.

This moment is sparking a whole lot of Spencer twin theories again.

#5. Melissa Hastings is back... on a ranch

Thank goodness, Melissa Hastings is back in Rosewood. And it’s definitely shady where she is…

Melissa Hastings Finale

Does that look familiar? It’s the horseback riding ranch that Jessica DiLaurentis used to take Bethany Young to.

Does this mean Bethany will factor into the ultimate PLL Endgame?

#6. Wren is back… with a gun!

Wren Gun Finale

OMG why is Wren holding a gun like he definitely has used one before?

Plus, when you look closely, you can tell the gun has a silencer on. Cue all the Wren is “A.D.” theories!

#7. Jenna can see!

Addison Derringer is back for some reason, but more importantly, she holds up her hand at Jenna, and Jenna hits it with such precision it definitely seems like Jenna has her vision back.

As Aria would say, “bitch can see!”

#8. Spoby, Spoby, Spoby

Well, it has been a year since Yvonne’s death now....

In a quick flash, we see Spoby totally making out, so it is looking like all the OTPs are getting back together for the finale.

​#9. Mona seems to encounter “A.D.”

Mona Vanderwaal Finale

Mona, in what looks like a newfangled Radley Sanitarium (it doesn’t look like Welby), looks up at someone and says, “I never would’ve guessed it was you.”

It looks very similar to the attire Mona is wearing in the spoiler scene when she says, “Are you here to kill me,” so it’s unlikely this is a Radley flashback. If anything, it seems like she was institutionalized with Dr. Sullivan after her breakdown in the penultimate episode.

There’s so much to unpack, but we’ll have to wait until next week to get all of our final answers!

For now, watch the whole promo for the Pretty Little Liars series finale below.

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.