Credit : Wetpaint Entertainment


Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell, Margot Robbie, and More Pull Off the Jumpsuit Trend! (VIDEO)

Thanks to the resurgence of ‘70s and ‘90s fashion — overalls, anyone? — jumpsuits are back and better than ever. These one-piece ensembles are the perfect summer staple, and not to mention easy to wear! But pulling it off can get a little tricky, and one should err to the side of caution.

Take note of Regina Hall and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s style. Sure they got the look down, but their loud prints are a bit much for a one-piece. Instead of standing out in the seamlessness of the jumpsuit, they got lost in the patterns.

But if you want to stay easy on the eyes, and look like a tall glass of sophistication, then look no further than Pretty Little Liars starlet Shay Mitchell and actress Margot Robbie.

These two ladies stay away from prints and streamline their look with neutral colors. You can also spice things up with fun accents like lace sleeves, or something as easy as color-blocking.

Watch the video above to see which stars nailed it and who really failed it! Tell us if you agree or disagree in the comments below.