\'Pretty Little Liars\' Speculation: Who Is the Beach Hottie?
“Pretty Little Liars” Season Finale Screening
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Pretty Little Liars

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Speculation: Who Is the Beach Hottie?


The Pretty Little Liars summer finale answered many of our long-held questions, but there are some still lingering — including the identity of Beach Hottie, aka the guy who Ali was having sex with on Cape May the summer before her disappearance.

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Though we once thought Board Shorts and Beach Hottie were the same guy, the reveal that Ezra was Board Shorts and did not have a sexual relationship with Ali means Beach Hottie has to be someone else. With the summer finale tease that someone — a “he” — is coming for Ali, it seems more important than ever to answer the question: Who is the Beach Hottie?

Here are our top suspects…

Detective Wilden

Detective Wilden was a total creeper, and we know he was on Cape May with the DiLaurentises that summer, so it’s not completely out of the question that he might have had a relationship with Ali. We also know enough about his moral character to believe Ali’s insistence to CeCe that if Beach Hottie found out about her maybe-pregnancy, he would kill her. Could CeCe’s murder of Wilden have been at least partially motivated by the way Wilden treated Ali that summer?

Wren Kingston

Julian Morris: Is Wren “A”?
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When it comes to 20-something dudes going after teenaged girls in Rosewood, Wren is one of the chief offenders. He made moves on both Spencer and Hanna. Could Alison have been one of his targets before that? It might explain how Wren got tied up in the “A” game (and yeah, we still suspect him). It might also explain why he ended up at Radley. Did he move to Rosewood to investigate Ali’s disappearance? Conversely, did CeCe confide in him that summer, too? On the other hand, we’ve never seen any violent behavior from Wren. Would Ali really worry that he would come after her if she was pregnant?

Noel Kahn

Though Ali implied that Beach Hottie was an older guy, he might not have been. We’ve always been curious about the connection between Noel and Ali. He helped her when she was on the run, one of the only people who knew she was still alive. He kept that secret. Sure, it’s implied that he did so because Ali had something on him, but what if it is more complicated than that? What if they also had a history? It might also explain why Noel was willing to help CeCe flee the country. If he was on Cape May that summer, he might have gotten to know her, as well.

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Detective Holbrook

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Another older dude to have shown an inappropriate interest in younger girls is Detective Holbrook, who started off as a seemingly nice guy/police officer, only to turn into a total creeper. We know that he grew up around Rosewood, as Hanna visited the trailer park his dad lives in last season. And we know that he and Ali have some sort of romantic relationship in Season 5. They are seen kissing at the Christmas ball. Could Holbrook have been the guy Ali was hooking up with on Cape May?

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