Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: Is Someone “Deadly” for Ezria in Season 3, Episode 20?
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Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: Is Someone “Deadly” for Ezria in Season 3, Episode 20?

It’s the question that has been on the minds of Pretty Little Liars fans for a while now … Is Ezra (Ian Harding) good or bad? Could the beautiful, novel-loving teacher have a dark side? Or is a messed up rich family and a secret child as dark as he gets? At this point, he can’t top Toby (Keegan Allen), can he?

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PLL writer Andy Reaser recently tweeted a photo of Ian and Lucy Hale (Aria) filming what appears to be an intimate scene in Season 3, Episode 20. Lucy has a concerned look on her face, but that isn’t the thing that concerns us. Nope. It’s the caption that caught our attention.

Andy wrote, “‘Who,’ he asks, ‘told her all?’ Pretty people everywhere: not evil --deadly.” Let’s reiterate this (as if that’s necessary): “Pretty people everywhere: not evil --deadly.” We would love to brush this off as if Andy’s talking about Toby, but that makes no sense as a caption for this dramatic photo of Ezria.

Could it be that one of these two pretty people is evil? Excuse us, deadly?! Or perhaps Andy is describing the temptation of being together as deadly? OR maybe other pretty people are deadly to their relationship — could one of them cheat and end up in hot water?

Another option: Andy is actually referencing another pretty person who has a deadly effect on Ezra, Aria or Ezria, such as “A.” Don’t ask us to define deadly, because the literal translation scares us too much. (However, Andy did tweet out a clue last week that hinted that someone might die in the winter season.)

We don’t like any of the above options, but we REALLY don’t like the one that means that Ezra is deadly! No, no, no. It’s all wrong.

What do you think Andy’s tweet means? Are you more scared for Ezria’s relationship or the fact that one of them could be deadly? And does deadly mean on the “A” team?

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