Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: Which Character Are in Season 3, Episode 16?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: Which Character Are in Season 3, Episode 16?

Pretty Little Liars showrunner Marlene King is hard at work directing her first episode, Season 3, Episode 16: “Misery Loves Company,” but that hasn’t stopped her from tweeting about what — and more importantly, whom — fans can expect to see in 2013.

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After answering questions from fans yesterday, Marlene tweeted this teaser, “Ok sweeties. I'm going to say goodnight. Day 4 of 316 shoots tomorrow. Gonna see Aria, Byron, Alison, Caleb, Emily, Hanna and Mona.” Quite a list, right? What can we take away from it?

Let’s start with the fact that Byron Montgomery (Chad Lowe) is back! We’re not sure if this could have any effect on Ella's (Holly Marie Combs) new romance, but we certainly hope not. Zack (Steve Talley) is a cutie! Are we wrong? And does Byron being back mean we'll see more of the terrible Meredith?

And we can’t miss one of the biggest names on that list: Alison (Sasha Pieterse). Are we finally getting another flashback? Marlene did tweet that we are going to get more flashbacks of Ali’s past, so perhaps Episode 16 is the ticket? Or could this be when Ali finally visits Aria (Lucy Hale)? After all, they’re both listed above.

What do you all make of the list in terms of the summer finale (Season 3, Episode 12: “The Lady Killer”)? Can we assume that everyone on this list is NOT on the “A” team if they’re still around four episodes later? Perhaps that would be naive of us. After all, look at the last name on that list: Mona (Janel Parrish). Does this mean that she definitely lives through the summer finale? Is she still acting as “A”? Or could this be another flashback scenario? We never really know, do we?

Then there’s the good news: Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) are still around, so maybe Haleb fans can stop their worrying for the time being. Maybe.

And of course, we look forward to seeing Emily's (Shay Mitchell) beautiful face. But does the lack of Paige’s (Lindsey Shaw) name on the list mean anything? We know she's around in Episode 15...

And just in case that isn’t enough PLL for you, Marlene also tweeted her favorite quote from Episode 16: “Do I look dead to you?” We think this deserves an O.M.G. Could Ali be saying those words? Or Mona? Does anyone ever actually die on this show? Well, other than Maya (Bianca Lawson). R.I.P.

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