Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: Who Is “Hot” in Season 3, Episode 20?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: Who Is “Hot” in Season 3, Episode 20?

After Pretty Little Liars writer Andy Reaser tweeted yesterday about the table read for Season 3, Episode 20, fans couldn’t help but want more. And we can’t blame them.

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When a fan asked if Lindsey Shaw (Paige McCullers) was in attendance at the read, Andy responded, “She couldn't make it, but Paige is in the episode and it's hot.”

So our first thought is that he’s talking about some steamy Paily action, which could definitely be the case. But after his tweet yesterday hinted that Season 3, Episode 20 might be titled “Hot Water,” could he be saying that Paige is the one in hot water?

Could there be trouble in Paige’s future? If so, are we talking a fight with Emily (Shay Mitchell) or something bigger, like, say, a reveal that she’s on the “A” team? Exactly how much do you trust Paige?

Or do you think it’s more likely that Andy’s tweet is talking about some future romance between Paige and Em? If so, are you happy that they could still be together at the end of the season?

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