Jenna’s Back in Rosewood for ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7, Episode 12
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Jenna’s Back in Rosewood for ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7, Episode 12


One way or another, Jenna Marshall has always been trouble for the Liars. And in these Pretty Little Liars spoilers for Season 7, Episode 12, “These Boots Are Made for Stalking,” she’s back in Rosewood to confront the girls.

But first, let’s backtrack.

Last we saw Jenna she was in the first “A-tag” of Season 7B in Episode 11.

At the end of the summer finale, Jenna was captured by who we assume to be “Uber A” and driven away from the scene of Noel Kahn’s death in a van.

Last episode, she popped up at the very end in a blacked-out room. Someone who looked like a doctor handed her a large book after she said this: “You said you’d tell me today, about the game.”

Reading the Braille in the book, she looked up and said “Endgame,” and she smiled.

Well, it seems “Uber A” has released Jenna, because in the previews for Episode 12, she’s back in Rosewood with the Liars.

“Hello, Spencer,” she says in the promo.

Yikes, this is immediately after Spencer thought Jenna shot and nearly killed her. But remember: Marco Furey told Spencer the bullet didn’t match Jenna’s gun, and it was probably someone else.

Jenna seems to be agreeing with Marco, even telling Spencer Noel had planned on killing Jenna, too.

Spencer, though? She doesn’t quite believe her.

“You have to lock her up right now,” Spencer yells, presumably to Detective Furey.

Spencer’s ex-boyfriend Caleb takes his former GF’s side, confronting Jenna on the street, and it definitely doesn’t look friendly.

Sadly, according to the promo, there’s only one person getting locked up and it’s not Jenna: It’s Hanna.

Hanna looks to be sleuthing in a dark, gated room like a storage space when the gate locks behind her, trapping her.

Frankly, Hanna’s had enough of being trapped in small spaces.

Finally, the Liars can’t do anything without Mona Vanderwaal knowing about it, so she’s already questioning the girls about their Jumanji-style “Liars Lament” board game from “A.D.”

It seems like this won’t be a secret they can keep for long.

Check out the whole Season 7, Episode 12 promo below!