Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Who Is Writing a Huge Check in Season 3?
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Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Who Is Writing a Huge Check in Season 3?

If money is power than one Rosewood resident is about to throw their weight around in a big way, according to a tweet from Pretty Little Liars showrunner Marlene King. So, who is writing a big check in Season 3 — and for how much?

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A fan recently asked Marlene, "Could you tell us something about Jason??? Please Mar, I would pay $ 1000000 for an information from him!!"

Marlene was happy to oblige, responding, "Funny that you say that. He's about to write a check for $50,000."

Wow. We knew Jason (Drew Van Acker) had some cash to his name, but $50,000 is a lot of dough to throw around. We wonder what the check could be for. Another house? A bribe? Is "A" threatening him?

We're also curious about what episode this happens during. As of last week, the cast was filming Episodes 9 and 10, and Marlene is currently writing the summer finale, Episode 12. So, is Jason "about" to write a check in one of the episodes they’re filming, or in the one Marlene's writing? Or does she mean he's "about" to do it on the show as it's airing? We know Jason is back by Season 3, Episode 4: “Birds of a Feather,” so maybe it happens then...

If we had to guess, we'd go with this happening in the summer finale, because it sounds like such a big, dramatic move. But in the world of Rosewood, dramatic things happen all the time, so we're not placing any bets.

What do you think this clue means? Let us know in the comments below!

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