Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Will Shirtless Toby Make Us Cry in Season 4?
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Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Will Shirtless Toby Make Us Cry in Season 4?

Have we mentioned how overjoyed we are that Toby (Keegan Allen) isn’t dead? Well, we are. And we’re downright ecstatic that it seems Toby will be getting some pretty juicy storylines in Season 4. Which person on the Pretty Little Liars team cried during an upcoming Toby scene? And will we be seeing more shirtless Toby? Read on to find out!

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“Watching a scene from 402,” PLL writer Maya Goldsmith tweeted yesterday. “Toby is so good he's making me cry.”

Damn you, Maya, and your Season 4, Episode 2 foreknowledge! Though, we can’t help but relate to the sentiment. Keegan Allen had us tearing up in the Season 3 finale. We can only imagine what Season 4 will do to us.

We know Toby will be getting his own flashback in the Season 4 premiere, and we're guessing it will feature his deceased mother, Marion Cavanaugh. We also know that Toby will be getting pulled back into the "A" vortex.

On one hand, Maya's tweet and all the spoilers have us feeling for poor Pretty Eyes — he’s been through a lot for a teenaged carpenter. On the other hand, the situation still has so much dramatic potential. Will Toby have to betray Spencer again? Will Spence forgive him a second time? Has she even forgiven him a first time? We don’t know!

There is a spoiler silver lining. The official PLL Twitter page divulged that Toby will be shirtless in Season 4. We’re pretty sure that doesn’t mean he'll always be showing off his abs, but until they clarify, there’s no harm in wishing, right?

What do you think Season 4 will bring for Toby Cavanaugh? What do you hope it will bring? Wish away in the comments below!

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