Pretty Little Liars Star Lucy Hale Previews New Music! (VIDEO)
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Lucy Hale

Pretty Little Liars Star Lucy Hale Previews New Music! (VIDEO)

We’ve been waiting so long to catch a listen of Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale’s upcoming country album and now we have! The actress and aspiring country musician released an “Introducing Lucy Hale” video online on Tuesday, October 22. The three-minute video featured behind-the-scenes glimpses into Lucy’s recording sessions in Nashville, and some much-anticipated snippets of her music. Was it worth the wait? Definitely!

“People right now know me as one thing,” Luce says in the video. “And to come out and be “Lucy,” and be me, and be completely vulnerable and share my music, which is like my baby, is kind of cool. It’s kind of like, I also have this hidden part of me that’s about to be unleashed.”

We are so proud of Lucy for all of the work she has obviously put into this album. In the video, the native Tennessean explains how she grew up on country music and moved to L.A. when she was 15 years old intending to find a record deal. She fell into acting, instead, but says Nashville is “where [her] heart is.”

“I was 15 years old and so I didn’t really know what I wanted to do or what I wanted to say, so music got put on the back burner for a little bit,” explains Lucy. “Now I know the kind of artist I am, I know what I want to say. I know who Lucy is more as a person. I mean, this album has been a long time coming.”

The video also features some pretty stellar testimonials from the producers and songwriters who worked with Lucy in making the album. Songwriter Catt Gravitt says, “Well, it’s naturally in her, too. She’s ready to roll. It’s naturally in her bones.” While producer/songwriter Mike Daly calls Luce “a little ball of light.”

Lucy did collaborate on writing the songs for her album, and said this was a completely different and more terrifying experience than simply singing: “You know, I’d always journaled and wrote poems and stuff, but never in song format. Performing and singing is one thing, and it’s very vulnerable, it’s wearing your heart on your sleeve. Singing a song that you wrote on is a whole different thing.”

We’re really impressed with Lucy’s determination to follow her heart, even though she has found success in another field. We can’t wait to hear more of the album, which is set to be released early next year, and we know Lucy can’t wait for people to hear it: “I love music, whether I’m singing it, writing it, whatever, and I’m finally getting to make this album. And, you know, it was really scary for me to make this in the first place, but it’s turned out to be something I’m really, really proud of.”

What do you think of the song snippets you have heard so far? Do you like Lucy’s style? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 winter premiere, Tuesday, January 7, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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