6 Reasons We\'re Positive Spencer\'s Twin Is A.D. on ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Pretty Little Liars

6 Reasons We’re Positive Spencer’s Twin Is A.D. on ‘Pretty Little Liars’


It’s crunch time for Pretty Little Liars theories about who is “A.D.” We only have days (days!!) left until the ultimate villain is revealed on the PLL series finale, but we’re calling it now.

Spencer’s twin is 100 percent “A.D.”

Let’s just assume we’re certain that Spencer’s twin, aka Twincer, exists. If she does (and we pretty certain she does) she’s definitely “Uber A.” We have six reasons why.

1. Spencer’s twin having access to Hanna’s kidnapping location

Hanna’s “dream” of a bang-free Spencer visiting her in the barn when she was kidnapped was the first huge evidence of Twincer.

If we are to say that’s definitely not a dream and a real Spencer twin, how would she a) know where Hanna was being kept and b) have in-and-out access to that location if she wasn’t a villain?

2. Mona hitting Spencer in the finale promo

Mona and Spencer seemed to make up as friends (or at least Spencer was supporting Mona getting help) by the end of the penultimate episode, so why would Mona punch Spencer now?

Pretty Little Liars theorists definitely suspect Mona isn’t hitting Spencer, but Spencer’s twin. And she’s hitting her because Mona (as always) is steps ahead of everyone and knows Spencer (or rather Twincer) is “A.D.”

3. Mary Drake also hurting Spencer in the promo

In addition to Mona, Spencer’s mother Mary Drake seems to inject her with something that makes her pass out.

Mary and Spencer had their happy family ending with Mary going down for Spencer’s crimes, so why does their dynamic change now? Well, duh, she also knows her other child, the twin, is “A.D.”

4. Spencer is basically the star of the finale preview

There’s Mona and Mary Drake attacking Spencer, but moreover, Troian Bellisario is basically the leading actress in the promo for the series finale.

She’s running down a corridor with Ezra, she’s waking up dazed, she’s trapped in a box, and more. Plus, the other big moments include people who are tied to her: Melissa’s return and Wren holding a gun.

Spencer has to play a major role in the episode, making it definitely seem like Twincer is “A.D.”

5. She was secretly arguing with Wren

The other major Twincer scene is at the airport with Wren. If you’re paying attention, they’re definitely arguing over something, so much so that Ezra is reluctant to interrupt.

When “Spencer” spots Spencer, she tries to explain away her meeting with Wren and then asks Ezra not to tell anyone he saw them.

If she was just having a casual one-off drink with an old friend, why were they arguing and why would Ezra have to keep it secret? The only explanation is they have nefarious intentions, aka Twincer is “A.D.”

6. RIP to Archer Dunhill

In the penultimate episode of Pretty Little Liars, the Liars are about to dig up Archer’s body from Charles’s grave when they decide to stop playing the game. As they all walk away, Spencer stays at the gravesite and whispers, “Requiescat in pace,” which is what “R.I.P.” stands for in Latin.

Why would Spencer be telling Archer to “rest in peace”? This is the man who gaslit her friend Alison, a person she barely knew, and a person she helped kill.

Or… more likely it’s Twincer and she’s wishing a former ally to rest in peace.

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