What Happens After the \'Pretty Little Liars\' Time Jump? \
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What Happens After the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Time Jump? “Troubling New Adventure”


We may have most of our anticipation focused on the Pretty Little Liars summer finale and the ultimate “A” reveal right now, but we still have some left over to eagerly anticipate what the Liars’ lives will be like after the upcoming five-year time jump. So far, we haven’t gotten many details about what’s in store for our favorite ladies after the jump, but Janel Parrish (Mona Vanderwall) is changing all of that with some tantalizing teases. 

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"They're all dealing with post-traumatic stress from what they went through with 'A,' but they've been living in a 'A'-free life for five years and that's wonderful,” Janel told  E! Online of the Liars’ mindset following the five-year jump. Of course, what would this show be without a little drama (or a lot of drama) and misery? They all converge back on Rosewood when one of their number requests an audience...

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Janel revealed: They "are all finally coming back together to Rosewood per Alison's request and they will take a new troubling adventure from there.” The plot thickens! 

This little tidbit reveals some important information about the PLL plot moving forward. 1. That the Liars are mostly, if not entirely, living outside of Rosewood. 2. Alison survives the PLL summer finale. We thought she would, but you can never be too sure with this show, you know? 3. The Liars still respect and care about Ali enough to return when she asks them to. That’s nice, right?

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So, why is Ali calling the Liars back to Rosewood? And what is this “troubling adventure” they’re all about to embark on? Could this be another “A”? Well, when asked if there would be another “A” after the current one, Marlene King previously told People: “I will say that Mona was Original A, Charles is Big A, and I don't want to hint to where the show is going after that just yet. Sorry!” So, she’s not biting, but it’s not a terrible theory. It’s hard to imagine PLL without some version of “A,” and Marlene didn’t deny it...

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