Pretty Little Liars Writer Weighs in on Emily’s “Epic Journey” in Season 3
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Pretty Little Liars Writer Weighs in on Emily’s “Epic Journey” in Season 3

Maya's (Bianca Lawson) death was one of the most controversial moves the Pretty Little Liars writers have made. Many Maya/Emily (Shay Mitchell) fans are still in mourning, and a lot of people are wondering about what Emily's arc will look like this season.

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PLL writer Andy Reaser recently commented on Emily's story in Season 3, "I am very proud of the epic journey we've created for Emily as she tries to rise from the ashes of deapair [sic]."

A fan followed up on this comment, asking, "You all want to give ‪#Emaya‬ fans 'justice & closure.' Will it happen by S3a finale or will it take all season?"

Andy replied, "I [believe] you'll have a heaping helping of each by 312, but healing does take years."

For those who aren't keeping track, Season 3, Episode 12 is the Season 3 summer finale. So it sounds like we can expect Emily to begin to come to terms with what happened this summer, but Maya's death will probably continue to affect her, even as she begins to move on.

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