Thought light denim was a thing of the past? How about light denim dresses? Well, if your'e E! host Giuliana Rancic or Pretty Little Liars' star Shay Mitchell, you'd know that its ba-aack!

So how did these ladies make the '90s denim trend their own and bring it into this century? For starters, Giuliana opted for more coverage and a bit of modesty in her one shoulder version of the "Voom" light denim dress by Joy Han. But not Shay: she bared it all her shoulders that is — in a strapless style of the same frock, which was totally hawt! As for shoes, Giuliana decided on simple, but chic bronze flats (adorable). Unfortunately for our girl Shay, she dropped the ball, and went waay over-board with her dramatic peek-a-boo black ankle pumps at the Nylon Magazine Young Hollywood Party back in May of this year. Just keep it simple, light denim should be kept fresh!

But no worries, Shay, the light-denim fad has never looked this sophisticated or hip before. (Uh, remember the '90s?) So, thanks, ladies, for making the old trend new again!