Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram Photo: Ian Harding Poses For a Pic

Hope is not completely lost for Ezria fans!

(Lucy Hale) and Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) may be dunzo on Pretty Little Liars Season 4 (*tear), but at least in real life, they're getting along swimmingly.

"Here he is in all his shining glory...Sir Harding," Lucy tweeted, along with a photo of Ian looking dapper in a tie and vest. Now if only these two could make it work on screen!

If you're still a nervous wreck over what's going to happen in the Ezria-verse, check out these Season 4 spoilers. After all, Marlene King did say that there's hope and it sure wouldn't be the craziest thing that's happened in Rosewood if they rekindled!

Pretty Little Liars
Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.