Showrunner Marlene King may be the biggest Pretty Little Liars fan of us all. She’s already weighed in on which Liar she loved first, now she’s spilling which Alison flashback is her favorite. Read on to find out what the PLL matriarch said...

“I love the moments we r not sure if it's flashback or real. Hanna hospital. Emily/barn moment. Aria/poisoning,” tweeted Marlene in response to a fan question. We have to agree: those scenes are pretty epic. Not only do they play with the sanity of the Liars, but the viewers’ too. Could Ali (or her twin — sorry, we’re not giving up on this theory ) have really appeared to the Liars in those moments? With the quasi-reveal that Ali is Red Coat, it looks more likely.

We also like those scenes for the fact that Ali is saving her friends from harm. If Ali is alive and Red Coat, she’s done some pretty terrible stuff. We’d like to think she’s had her reasons, and having her friends’ backs when they need it the most would certainly help that argument.

As for us? We’re still holding out for the Toby/Ali flashback scene we will be getting in the Season 4 premiere, if only for the chance to witness the intriguing dynamic between the two and figure out how Toby’s mom may be involved in all of this.

Do you have a favorite Ali flashback moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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